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Types of Shaligram as in Praanatashanitantra

In the Praanatashanitantra (PTT, pages 351-356) the following varieties of Shalagram with their sub types have been quoted from different ancient books:

i) Marked with a small circular print, a garland and several golden dot prints.
ii) Marked with a conch and circle on the lower middle portion.

i) Blue in colour, shaped like searhead (Ankusha), an marked with a linear, a circular and several dot prints.
ii) With five linear marks, other characteristics being the same above
iii) Marked with a circle and a flag-print, other things being the same as above.
Iv) Green in colour, shaped like the head of a horse, and marked with a circle.

i) With a hole at the top and having the marks of a lotus, a circle and several dots.
ii) White in colour, having a decent hole and a picture at the top and marked with a discus and a lotus.
iii) Reddish in colour with a circular and linear mark and a hole at the top.
iv) Round in shape, yellow in colour with a hole at the top.
v) Reddish or yellowish in colour with the mark of a lotus and a circle on his body, its top portion being divided by a circular hole.

Hiranyagarbha :
i) With the colour like that of honey and having a round with a lobe protuding out, It has moon like marks and several golden linear marks on his body.
ii) Black in colour and round in shape with a circular glaced opening. A sweet sound is always formed inside his body. It is marked with a charming shrivastsa (a circle formed of hair) at its top.

Chaturbhuja : he holds the colour of a new cloud. It is round in shape with four circular marks on the body.

Gadadhara : Green in colour with its lower middle portion raised upwards. It was a big hole at its top, and is marked with long lines.

Narayana :
i) He holds at his front side a good looking opening marked with a necklace, a golden bracelet (keyura) and other ornaments.
ii) it is marked with two circular prints on its either side with a clear circular mark at its opening.

Laxminarayana: Any one of the folowing marks.
i) It has a single opening with four circular marks (or with a vanamala)
ii) Round in shape big in size, having a glaced opening marked with a flag, a cross and a spear head
iii) Round in shape with a circular opening marked with four circles, and also printed with a flag, a cross a spear head and a yellow spot.
iv) Green in colour, round in shape, and maked with one or four circular prints.
v) Big in size with a comparatively high top, and marked with a flag, a cross, a spear head a garland and a few dot prints.
vi) With a small opening having four circular prints and also marked with garland
vii) Marked with three circular prints
viii) With the colour of a new cloud and having a single opening marked with four circular prints, and also having the mark of a garland on his body.

Naranarayana : Green in colour with a charming shape, having reddish circular marks at the opening and golden spot on his body.

Rupinarayana : Marked with a pestle, a garland, a conch, a discuss and mace on his front side. It may also have the mark of a bow at his front.

Madhava : With a colour like that of honey, and marked with a mace and conch.

Govinda: Any one or more of the following.
i) Black in colour and very charming to look at with a round white spot. He holds the marks of a mace and a discus on his right side and that of mountain on the left
ii) Black in colour and middle in size, having his central portion raised upwards. He has a big opening beautifully marked with circles, and his body is also decorated with five different circle.