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House 2 in the Horoscope

Second house signifies, riches, bank position, accumulated wealth, food, face, right eye, documents, family, early second houseage or boyhood, speech, music, blindness, sanyas, death period, ruling power, education, servants and friends, Patience of mind, profit and gain, loss or damage, self earned wealth, wordly attainments and possessions, jewellery, grandfather and mother, brothers, sisters, children etc. being a family member as it denotes family.

Second marriage (being 8th to 7th), Vision or power of observation eye-sight, memory, nails, tongue, nose, teeth, cheeks and chin. Understanding with family members, law suits, trade or business, extravagant, economical, speculation, loan, loss to younger brother and his changes, long journey to maternal uncle, disease to father. Gain of property and conveyance to elder brothers, poverty misfortune.

"Second denotes inheritance, diver's winding; also brethren of the private enemies being 3rd from 12th, Father's and grand sons of friends as it is 4th from 11th (as per Westerns), also king's sons as 5th from 10th or Midheaven.

Also it delivers judgement upon the death of wives, familiar fellows, partners and open or public enemies as being 8th from 7th, in due order also upon the religion and long journeys of servants as being 9th from 6th, also upon the trade, credit, profession and honour of children as being 10th from 5th, also upon the friends and well wishers of father being 11th from 4th and lastly upon private enemies of brother as being the 12th from the 3rd."

It is represented by sign Taurus. It is Feminine, semifruitful, fixed, earthy, negative, direction South, benefic, of short ascension and is known as succeedent house. The lord is Venus, the duration of Ascendant Taurus is one hour and 36 minutes.

Significance of Nine Planets in Second House of Horoscope

1. Sun
2. Moon
3. Mars
4. Mercury
5. Jupiter
6. Venus
7. Saturn
8. Rahu
9. Ketu