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House 9 in the Horoscope

This is accounted as Masculine, semifruitful, common, fiery, positive, malefic, direction East, lagna duration 2 hours and ninth house19 minutes, of average ascension and is a cadent and Kona house.

It is denoted by sign Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter. The parts of body denoted are hips, thighs, female arteries and sacral region.

It is called house of Religion, Science, learnings, books, writings, voyages, distant, travels, religious places, dreams, visions and long journeys. Also house of faith, wisdom and divine worships.

Father (according to astrologers of South India) preceptor, previous karmas and Luck, worship, spiritual life and attainments, and fortune. It is CONSIDERED TO BE AN AUSPICIOUS HOUSE. Prosperity, philosophy, religious and philosophical beliefs, powers of intuition of foresight and fore thoughts; religious institutions, temples, churches etc, pilgrimage.

Also signifies law, legal arbitration, dharma, Sea Voyages and Air Travels to far off and foreign countries, publishing of books, association with good and religious people, reverence and devotion to God and elders. Providential help, tanks, lakes, wells and water reservoirs etc. are also signified.

"Also college and higher educations, good conduct, wife's or enemies' brothers, short travel of wife and partners being 3rd to 7th ; fathers of servants, landed property being 4th to 6th, pleasure and benefits for children of children as being 5th to 5th; sickness of mother as 6th to 4th; friends of friends being 11th to 11th, younger brother's wife or younger sister's husband or his or her competitor, rivals viz; enemies or brethern as being 7th to 7th; friends of elder brothers, accomplishments being 9th to 11th. Private enemies of kings or Government being 12th to 10th house.

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