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ARJUN TREE - Powder and Bark

Also known as

arjun Latin : Terminalia arjuna
English : Arjun
Sanskrit : Arjunah
Hindi : Arjun
Marathi : Srdhaval
Tamil : Attumarutu
Telugu : Erramaddi
Malayalam : Nirmaruta
Kannada : Maddi

How it looks—It is a large evergreen tree with a spreading crown and drooping branches. The bark is smooth grey and buttressed. The flowers are white and the fruits ovoid with 5-1 hard angles curving upwards.

What we use—Bark

What it does—Astringent, cooling, aphrodisiac, demulcent, cardiotonic, styptic, antidysenteric, urinary astringent, expectorant and tonic.

How we use it—
arjun chaal
As a cardiac tonic—It is a highly esteemed cardiac toxic and a preparation called "Arjuna Ksheera Paka" is repeatedly used with encouraging results in the Ayurvedic medical field. Here is how you prepare it.

Add 2 tsp of Arjun bark powder to a glass of milk diluted with 4 glasses of water. Boil this preparation down to a glass. Take this in two doses everyday to keep your heart fit and ward off problems of angina, cholesterol and high blood pressure.

In wounds—Make a decoction of the bark powder and wash wounds with it. This aids the healing process and speedens normalisation of skin.

In fractures—Take a tsp of the powder of the bark everyday to facilitate quick healing of bone tissue in fractures.

In diabetes—Taking a decoction of the bark everyday is very useful in diabetes as the tannins contained in the bark tone the endocrine system.

As a cosmetic—In spotty and discoloured skin, make a face pack of the bark powder and milk and use everyday to lighten spots and patches.

Modern Studies

1. It has been observed that Arjuna bark powder in doses of 20mg/100mg of body weight brings about a significant reduction in plasma cholesterol.

2. Another study has confirmed that Arjuna alleviates angina pain in ischaemic heart disease patients and patients with rhythm disturbances.

3. The drug also appears to modify known coronary risk factors such as body weight blood pressure, blood sugar and catecholamines.

Arjun Tree Bark
Arjun Tree Bark
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