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Mercury is a planet of intellect, concentration, vigil, Education, good mental ability and memory. Also indicates speech, short travels and journeys, virility, childhood, logic, wisdom, good judgement, mathematics, intuitive power, occult sciences etc.

When afflicted, one is cunning, liar, gambler, unprincipled, boastful, poor judgement, broken education, mischief monger, inaccurate and clumsy etc.

In tin light of above traits of Mercury, we now delineate its Hints effects while posited in twelve houses, Mercury be judged from planets conjoined, and aspected by and the signs where posited because it takes their effects. It is planet known being neutral, sexless and convertible.

1. MERCURY IN 1ST HOUSE: Alone Mercury in lagna ceases tin evil influences generated by other planets in the chart. He sparkles gloriously and recognised by one and all. Such a native is scholar and hates evils.

Mercury in lagna indicates a handsome, wise and learned native in fine arts, poetry, occult science and courteous. Blessed with wife and children. Luxury loving and fond of travelling.

One is humorous, amusing and quick witted. Good memory, sweet speech and clever. Learned, intelligent, rich and kind hearted fertile imagination, fond of literature and writing. Very impressive, quick in thoughts and actions. Many changes, journeys and of alert mind.

Mercury associated with Moon is good for business. With Venus, fine taste, music, signing, art etc. With Sun, business ability and sense of responsibility. By Mars, mechanical and construction ability and with Jupiter, lucky and wealthy. With Saturn, one becomes a good statistician.

Mercury in Aries, one is fiery and fluent in speech. In Taurus, obstinate and neutral; in Gemini, mathematician and Scientist. In Cancer, restless and versatile, in Leo ambitious and good organiser, in Virgo, one is of literary taste an eloquent. In Libra, learned and refined in taste. Scorpio indicates fond of occult and mysticism. In Sagittarius, ambitious and inspirational; In Capricorn, Suspicious and discontented, in Aquarius eloquent and gifted and in Pisces one has good ideas and many schemes.

Afflicted Mercury indicates cunningness, unreliability, liar, gambler and of poor judgement.

In Masculine signs, one may be a journalist, or feature writer. In feminine signs will give many sons.

2. MERCURY IN 2ND HOUSE: Gain through commercial, administrative and organising work. One is logical, intelligent, wealthy, amiable, sincere, good speech, fond of eating sumptuous food, gain by writings, clerical occupation. Well versed in music.

This Mercury makes the native wealthy, noble, prosperous, large hearted, happy and renowned. Gain of wealth through own thinking. Also one is wealthy with pleasures of beds. If conjoins with malefics, or in their signs or in depression, education is denied, cruel and bilious. If with Jupiter or aspected by it, one gets a lot of education, a great mathematician. One stammers.

If Mercury is in Leo, or Jupiter in Capricorn in 2nd house, native inherits wealth, courteous, many servants, wealth through wife, gain in 36th year. Mercury in good aspect to Moon will bring gain through general public, personal efforts and golden opportunities. Mercury in good aspects to Venus will bring gain through fine arts and good taste. To Jupiter, will bring gain through sound judgement, intuition and moral principles. To Saturn, gain through diplomacy and thoughtful perseverance.

The Mercury gives favourable results in masculine signs and is unfavourable in the Feminine signs. It is not Karka for wealth, Venus and Saturn are. Venus gets in cash, Saturn in kind.

In any lagna except Gemini or Cancer, if Mercury is retrograde, one lives in poverty inspite of every benefic aspect. If Lagna is of masculine sign and 2nd lord is retrograde, one gains little wealth.

3. MERCURY IN 3RD HOUSE: Many short journeys, writings, fond of reading, quick witted, good relations with relatives and acquaintances, famous in business, personal and professional, brave, good brother. Interest in education and a learned or a scholar. Good mental developments. One earns by his expertise and master mind. Sensual, courteous and lust full. Dear to friends and relatives and religious. One has to work hard.

Mercury in 3rd house indicates that native is fond of learning, varied learning, tastes in science and literature, alert, watchful and inquisitive, loss of wealth in 12th year of age. II Mercury is in good aspects with Jupiter from 9th house, one is inteiested .mil scholar of Astrology and Occult Sciences and may publish books. Religious and good relations with neighbours. Aspected by Mars or Saturn, Sisters are barren.

If mercury is aspected by malefics and is afflicted, strained relations with brothers, broken education, worries, illogical,, hasty, melancholy and dishonest. Mental affliction leading to eccentricity or insanity. Troubles through agreements and false promises.

Mercury in Gemini gives both the results. This house should be strong for good and successful speakers, poets, astrologers and writers etc. If in Aries, Leo, Libra, Aquarius, first half of Gemini and Sagittarius and latter half of Virgo and Pisces give good results.

In Masculine signs, it gives good education, reading and writing in neat hand, and sharp memory. If in Feminine signs, results are contrary. If Mercury is strong, one is matchless doctor, Astrologer or Judge, Writing, printing or publishing is gainful, one gets good luck at 24th year, if of medium strength at 30th year and if malefic at 36th year.

4. MERCURY IN 4TH HOUSE: Such natives enjoy friendship of superiors. He is either prince or leader of masses or officer on special duty. His orders are honoured even by family members. No patrimony. Income through hard labour. Famous, many servants, fortunate, conveyance, good dresses. One is a scholar, prosperous with land, courteous and wealthy. If in own sign, or exalted, native is blessed with wealth and property. Fickle minded and lean. Enjoys life. Frequent changes of residences, worried and anxiety through family affairs, frauds, theft and treachery, if Mercury is afflicted.

If Jupiter is in good aspects, last period of life full of gain and growth, steady and comfortable. Ability joins opportunity in the end. One has lots of conveyance. Also if joins Sun, Moon or Venus brings activity, popularity and success. If associated with Rahu, Ketu or Saturn, loss of land and malefic results of Mercury and house are realised.

Mercury is masculine signs, one gets break in education and struggle in life. In feminine signs, discord with fellow traders and gain of residence. Its is not favourable on the whole. Mercury in 4th house for Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn lagnas is weak. One is short tempered likes seclusion, vicious, hostile to mother, vain and harmful.

In Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, native is hostile to father, vain, arrogant and extravagant.

5. MERCURY IN 5TH HOUSE : One accumulates wealth by hard work. Becomes crafty through bad company of friends. A good advisor, blessed with children 1st pregnancy may end in abortion. Balance, brave, happy, many friends and love affairs. Devoted to noble and learned persons. Name and fame through learning. Gain by speculations.

If Mercury is in Leo, many daughters, if in depression, or aspected by malefics, his children do not live. If in Capricorn or Aquarius indicates normal intelligence and daughters, without any malefic aspects indicates death of mother in 26th year. Pain to father. Physical discomforts, learned, proud and quarrelsome. If 5th house lord is weak and afflicted, loss of sons, abortions,, adopted son and vtsicous. If in Barren signs indicates loss of progeny, worry, anxiety (ii sorrows through dear ones and children. Children may show mental imbalance if in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. Moon's aspect is gainful for travelling, public amusements, for children but leads to vicious habits.

If it has good aspects of Jupiter on Saturn, gain from speculation and lottery.

Mercury in 5th house only can wash the tantric effects, it can not cast them on others. Promotes progeny. In Masculine signs, it gives good effects. One is courteous, sharp, provides early good education by 23rd year. The native can be a dramatist, novelist, more mental built up than physical or muscular. One likes solitude, and is impressive in assembly. In Feminine signs, it is unfavourable.

In Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, sharp but short tempered, social, generous and just. In Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, he is ill educated, quai irlsome and cruel, few corrupt and tactful children, one is a good guide. II in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, many children, more daughters and an untrustworthy son. One is interested in typing, thumb impressions and linguistics.

If afflicted by Mars, inconsistent love affairs, lawsuits, troubles through law suits and loss through speculations. It causes abortions also.

6. MERCURY IN 6TH HOUSE : Harsh in speech, disputes and loss through servants, subordinates, of quarrelsome nature, journeys, logical nature, capable of tracing mechanical calculations, good in accounts, gain in subordinate position, mentally active, worry or over worked and affected by surroundings. Victorious over levies, learned, pleasure seeker, gain by land, danger from enemies in 37th year. Sex needs care of health.

If Mercury here is retrograde, danger from enemy, if progressed in own house or with benefics, victory over enemies, deadly danger. One becomes inactive, ruthless and loses temper.

If afflicted weak or ill conjoined indicated nervous troubles, worries, due to tension, opposed by inferiors, over excited, rash, affliction to the health. If afflicted by Mars or Rahu indicates mental derangement or operation, by Saturn or Ketu, danger or serious illness through worry. By Sun or Moon indicates fever, stomach troubles, dyspepsia, psychio conditions. Danger from reading worry and anxiety at meal time.

If strong and well aspected, one receives recognition from state or Govt, proud, dominating and writer. Interrupted education, Good relations with the Govt. In Masculine signs gives favourable results and in Feminine signs, Unfavourable.

7. MERCURY IN 7TH HOUSE: Intelligent, fond of good dress, good and rich wife or husband. A cheerful marriage, more spiritual though sexual, gain through partnership, and contracts, travelling, business etc. Learned, liberal views, famous, relations and associations with others are fortunate. Active, shrewd, clever and progressive.

If Mercury is combust many shortcomings but skilled in handicrafts and jovial. Legal troubles, misunderstanding and vexation through speech or correspondence.

Afflicted Mercury indicates lot of bickerings and wrangling, misunderstanding, unsettled married life when 7th lord is also weak, sarcastic, untruthful hot temper, worries, vexations through writings, correspondence, partnership, law suits, and business dealings.

Subject to other checks, afflicted and weak Mercury will indicate impotency, one is unfit for sex pleasures, suffers for want of erection or early ejaculation takes place and one feels defeated and shy. This is applicable to both sexes. In Masculine signs, favourable, partner is beautiful and of impressive looks, thick long black hair well set body, authoritative but quarrelsome. In Feminine signs, her face is round, curly and silky hairs, speech is sweet but sharp.

It Mercury is in Gemini, Libra or Sagittarius, the native is teacher, lecturer, lawyer, bookseller or publisher etc. In Aries or Virgo fortune after marriage and much travelling.

8. MERCURY IN 8TH HOUSE: Intelligent, rich and famous and if aspected by Jupiter, enjoys good status and renowned. Long lived, supporter of family. Of practical mind and of conscious, Interested in occult sciences and gains and fame through them.

In female charts it indictes as above also, troubles, quarrels,- dissension, difficulties with husband regarding money. Financial worries.

Mercury in 8th house enjoys the pleasure and confidence of opposite sex. Sexy and practical, one is antagonist of people around, truthful and end is peaceful. If Mercury conjoins a malefic, or is in ememy's sign, the native suffers from degradation due to over passions. His courtesy makes him rich and famous. When afflicted, causes pain in thigh or stomach. If afflicted by Mars or Saturn, brain or nervous disorder, gain through goods of the dead. If 8th lord is strong, exalted, with benefic or in own sign, native enjoys long life.

If Mercury happens to be 12th house lord posited in 8th house causes Vipreet Raja Yoga but aspect of Saturn or Mercury will adversely affect the eyesight in left eye. In Masculine signs, Mercury gives gain. Inclined to Divine knowledge, seiiptures, good relations willi spouse. If in Feminine signs.indicates mental worries and physical agony, quarrelsome, passes out family secrets. Not for favourable results. If afflicted, indicates brain or nervous disorder, death of brother, cousin, employee or neighbour. Insight will be marred by rashness or selfwill.

9. MERCURY IN 9TH HOUSE: Learned, intelligent, Wealthy, of eloquent speech, courageous, preserving and of studious mind. Taste for all higher education, art, science etc. Success in travelling, legal affairs, publishing and Active. When in movable sign, travel of foreign land for the knowledge. One should avoid many contradictory ideas, much trouble and unpleasantness due to too many false promises. Be not restless and develop Intuition. Pilgrimage, one loves holy bathing and respectful to religion and saints. Prosperous. Charitable, attendants, generous but sometimes perverted. Good speaker and of active mind, interested in metaphysics, Vedas, good concentration. Many children, reputed, God fearing and fortunate. In own or friendly signs, native is fortunate and also is blessed with many women, wealth and sons. If in enemy sign or afflicted, indicates vicious nature, fickle mind, unreligious, engaged in too many things at a time for failure. Worry and anxiety only aggravate situation. Unprofitable journeys. One becomes of doubtful nature. In Movable signs indicates love for journey. In Airy signs, well developed interest in aerial affairs.

In Masculine signs, gives favourable results. But in Feminine signs is unfavourable. Mercury in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius makes a man a Mathematician, Astrologer, teacher or clerk etc.

10. MERCURY IN 10TH HOUSE : One will be wealthy, of liberal views, learned and famous. Successful in all undertakings. One inherits property and wealth. One gets recognition, name, and fame due to his wealth, Sagacious, administrative powers to do justice. Tactful, soft spoken, a good orator, Gain of wealth, conveyance and garments, of practical views. Good position for service or holding responsible positions under superiors.

One is blessed with property, politician, bold, handsome, well learned, and involves himself in higher intellectual activities. Truthful, courteous, lustful and luxurious and loving. Gain in 19th year, Eloquent in speech.

All the above depend on the aspects and sign in which Mercury in posited. Mercury in Airy signs gives green memory, and fluent speech for business activities. If aspected by Mars or Saturn, one feels restless, subtle, deceptive, impulsive, untruthful and will have problems in business failures and troubles.

Exalted or in own sign, Mercury will bestow success in language, adept in Mathematics and linguistic. Gain from brokerage, writing and financing. Success in pious work, sober, renowned and popular. Eye trouble in 28th year. If conjoins Jupiter, one performs Agni Yojna.

If Mercury is in enemy signs, conjoined or aspected by malefics, one indulges in foolish acts, abstracting, mean acts and vicious. In Masculine signs, enjoys favourable results. If Mercury is in Aries. Leo or Sagittarius, the native is interested in Maths, or teacher. If in Gemini, Libra, Aquarius one works in P.W.D., survey Dept. P & T Officer. If in Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, business man, travel agent etc. If in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, one works as editor, publisher, printer, Newspaper owner etc.

11. MERCURY IN 11TH HOUSE : Very rich, long life, truthful, many acquaintances, and servants, but a few real friends. Prominent and influential people will be most important for your career, of good organising capacity. Clear views, gain from friends and good mental development.

The native is blessed with property, learned, plenty of enjoyment; fascinating women, sensuous, cordial, renowned, studious and scholarly. Leads a life of luxury and pleasure. Gain of wealth in 19th and 45th year. One has daughters only. One is dear to women.

Exalted Mercury indicates gain through friends with literary or scientific affinity and those younger to him. Inspiring and leading to every kind of mental growth. Gain of wealth through noble deeds.

If Mercury is in Watery sign or conjoins or aspected by malefics indicate loss of wealth through foul means, One will be cynical, unreliable, mid have troublesome acquaintances. If afflicted by saturn or malefic Jupiter, one should not depend or rely upon his friends who will cause worry, anxiety, troubles etc. Loss through wrong advice and one may become untruthful. If in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, possibility of one or two sons.

12. MERCURY IN 12TH HOUSE: A dushthansa house requires careful analysis. A house of .occult, seclusion, self communion, self examination and understanding. If aspected by benefics, one may have good progress in meditation after some practice. Intuition guides intellect for success. Concentration on work done in a solitude way will be rewarding. One is fond of research, investigation, secret acts, occult and unusual line of thought. Many small enemies, love and risk of mystery. Scandal, gain through rest, seclusion and quietude ability but lack of power. Untimely success. One spends his money or religious pursuits and pilgrimage.

The native is ruined by his cruel misdeeds, and deserted by relations. Crooked and gloomy. Rich but foolish. True to his words, eloquent, learned, greedy for other women and wealth. Troubles through court and public Uncharitable and unhelpful. Wicked but polite. Much landed property. One has interest in occult sciences, spiritualism, chemistry, medicine, secret arts. Undertakes hazardous adventures. Self created enemies.

When afflicted or retrograde, Mercury causes worries, anxieties, doubtful nature. One may become miserable, devoid of learning, suffers humiliation at the hands of enemies and through scandals.

If exalted or in own signs, one is wealthy but extravagant, is a leader and obliging. Learned and Scholarly. Money is spent on noble causes.