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Planet Moon in the Horoscope


This signifies 'MOTHER', and denotes softness, sattvic nature, brain, swift nature, charming eyes, mind, steadiness, caution, progress, generosity, methodical, smartness, favour from superiors (when well aspected by Sun), trustworthy, inventive mind, conception, birth of child, impregnation, union, animal instinct also, infants, passion, love, fertile imagination, emotions, deep feelings and thinkings, amusements, music, art, painting, love for pleasure, frank nature, thinking and extreme liberty (when well aspected by Mars) bold, frequent journeys, menstrual, optimism, patient, persistence, steady, concentration, mesmerism, occult sciences, independent, family life, home, personal .and private affairs, ladies, breasts, beauty, and watery places like ocean, navigation, rivers, lakes and drinks.

But when it is afflicted, it denotes, changeable, unsteady, lack of mental balance, repining, cunningness and secretive, deceitful, delays and obstacles, liar, rumour monger, extravagance, ill favour from Government and authorities, impulsive, passionate, inconsistency in love with opposite sex, digestive troubles, impulsive, reputation, menstry troubles, flunky, fear complex, pessimistic, incoherence in thought and speech, immoral tendencies towards pleasurable pursuits, conflict with authorities (when ill aspected by Sun) prodigality and undue expenditure, over pleasure or ornamentation, volumptuous person, unprofitable undertaking, poor abilities, muddle headed, manipulative and when it is afflicted by Saturn, gives ill judgement, small breasts to ladies, Jupiter gives big breasts, Venus adds beauty to them but Mars keeps the breasts strong and attractive.

This is lord of Monday, direction North, own house Cancer exalted Taurus. Mooltrikona Cancer, debilitated in Scorpio, friendly planets are Sun and Mercury and all others are neutrals. It is female, cold, nocturnal, and benefic planet.

It denotes Pearls and governs Rohini, Hast and Sarvana, constellations and Dasa period is 10 years and metal is silver.

Colours denoted are white, pale, yellow, opal and silver shades.

Body parts denoted by Moon are breasts, womb, saliva, lymphatic, glandular system, intestines, nervous system, blood, eyes, esophagus, uterus, ovaries, bladder and synovial fluid.

Diseases signified by Moon are Genits, urinary diseases of and derangements, wind and colic, diseases of Uterus, dropsy, skin, phalagum, pleurisy, tuberculosis, menstrual disorders, insanity, mental abrassion, jaundice, nervousness, laziness and diarrhoea. Throat troubles, asthma, bronchitis, dyspepsia, cancer and Gastric catarrh.