Remedies for Planet Neptune, Malefic or Benefic Planet Neptune Remedies based on Astrology Online
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Planet Neptune in the Horoscope


Neptune was also not known earlier than 1845. It takes 146 1/2 years to revolve around the Zodiac. It is octave of Venus.

It has been assigned to Pisces sign. The signs of exaltation and debilitation have also not yet been established.

It signifies spiritual side, intellectual, spirituality, divine power, psychic ability, feelings inspiration, emotion, foresight, passions, hypnotism, mesmerism, thoughts, reading, controlling devils and spirits, imagination, dreamy, imaginative, black magic, religious, paradoxes, impressionable and extreme in love affairs, secret attachment, stealthily, having pleasure with strange characters governed by it and such natives are difficult to understand.

If it is afflicted, one will not be steady, always fond of changes, not reliable, confused, cynical and treacherous. They think of even alone, conspire and try to do harm to others. They even commit murder by giving overdose of drug or poison on narcotics of opium.

Neptune posited in Gemini denotes a convincing arguments, correct reasoning, logic, develops astrology and fond of travelling. But when in Libra, the partner may swindle the native, wife or husband will be unreliable etc.

It signifies brain, nervous system, retina, the optic nerves, cerebron-spinal fluid etc.

Diseases denoted by Neptune are eye troubles, derangement of brain, coma, catalepsy, trance, mental disturbance, insanity, dropsy, narcotic poisoning, leprosy, allergy and neurasthenia etc.

Colours denoted by Neptune are mauve or lavender and ocean colours. Day denoted is Monday and Thursday.