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Planet Uranus in the Horoscope


Uranus was not known till 13th March, 1781. It takes 84 years to go round the Zodiac. It is Octave of Mercury.

It has been assigned airy sign Aquarius. Exalted and debilitated signs have not yet been established.

It signifies tall stature, intelligence and research work penetrative eyes and good eyesight. Occult and mesmerism sciences. Intuitive power and foresight can correctly be attributed when strong (self experience), constructive criticism, independent thoughts, unexpected and sudden results in his traits, unconventional, valiant, abrupt changes, adventurous, astrologers, divorce, separation, fanatic, freedom, outlaw, determined, forceful, adamant and determined, head strong, friendship, emotional, scientific, inventive, talent, sensitive, domestic disharmony, artistic ability, hasty actions viz love affairs (first sight) engagement, separation, divorce etc. secretive, explosives, high office, power and authority, suicide, of eccentric habits, spiritualism, hypnotism, telepathy etc. are the occult sciences attributed to Uranus, revolutionary, planner and schemist, psychic powers and secret alliance towards opposite sex and other parties.

It governs nervous system, brain and motor nervous.

Diseases denoted by Uranus are hysteria, paralysis, mental derangements, overgrowth, miscarriage, injury due to high explosion, abnormal growth, spasmodic asthma, palpitation, hiccough, infantile, paralysis and delusion.

Lucky colours denoted are palids, check and mingled colours and mixed variegated and purple. Day denoted is Wednesday.