Combinations of nose ailments, mouth and face and affections of the throat
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Planetry Combinations of nose ailments, mouth and face and affections of the throat

6th lord and Moon, afflicting 2nd.

Lagnesh in the house of Mars or Mercury and aspected by Mercury.

Mercury and Venus in the 6th and afflicted.

Mars, Sat and Mercury, conjoin in lagna.

Combinations of nose ailments:

1. Mercury joins with or aspected by a malefic.

2. Sun, Saturn and a malefic in the 6,8 and 12th respectively and lagnesh in a malefic turn

3. Moon in the 6th, lagnesh in a malefic place and 2nd house also afflicted.

4. 6th lord Jupiter afflicting the 2nd.

5. Sun, Mars and Saturn with 2nd lord or Mercur;

Combinations of affections of the throat:

1. Both Mercury and Rahu together in 3rd house.

2. 3rd lord with Mercury.

3. A weak, neecha or combust planet in 3rd aspected by a malefic.

4. Two malefics in the 3rd.

5. Rahu conjuncts lords of 2nd and 3rd.

6 Mercury and 3rd lord in lagna.

7. Mars and Saturn in the 6th or 12th with lord of 3rd.

8. The Lord of the 3rd house being conjoined with Mercury.

9. A planet in depression or inimical house or combustion and aspected by a malefic.

10. A planet in debility in 3rd and a malefic in 6th, an inimical house, and aspected by malefics.

11. A malefic in the 3rd house along with mandi or some other malefic.

12. The Moon occupying the 4th house in a navamsa belonging to the same rasi, and conjoined with a malefic.

13. Lord of the 2nd and 3rd houses conjoined with Rahu.