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25. 04. 2019
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Role of Planets, Signs and houses for skin diseases and Itches

It involves Saturn and Mercury, which rule skin; Moon and Mars governing blood, 6th house and Virgo.

Leprosy primarily involves Saturn and Rahu. With Mars, these two planets affect the blood; and with the Moon and Mercury they affect the skin.

Leukoderma involves the Moon, Saturn and Mercury, and the 6th house, Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Virgo afflicted. Venus works for luster of the body.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces signs together with 4, 8 and 12th houses and their lords related with disease afflicting planet and house produce leukoderma.

Neptune is responsible for incurable diseases. Uranus too is a whimsical planet. Sun when afflicted by Saturn and Moon by Mars loose their power. In such cases lagna or lagna lord is afflicted by Neptune and Sun by Uranus or Saturn or Moon by Saturn or Mars.

Combinations of itches :

1. Mercury in the 2nd aspected by the Moon.

2. The Sun, the Moon and Mars in the 6th.

3. Powerful Saturn in the 3rd joined with or aspected by Mars.

4. The Moon and Mars in the 2nd aspected by Saturn.

5 Saturn in lagna aspected by Mars.

6 The Moon in the 2nd, which is a watery sign.

7. The Sun and Saturn in lagna.

8. Afflicted atmakaraka in Gemini, Virgo or Capricorn navamsa.

9. Malefic Mars in 6th.

10. Rahu in the 8th joined with or aspected by a malefic.

11. The Moon in the 6th aspected by a malefic.

12. Moon in Virgo between malefics.

13. The Moon in Sagittarius or Leo aspected by Mars or Saturn.

14. Moon conjunct Saturn in Pisces, Cancer, Capricorn or Taurus and aspected by malefics.

15. Jupiter in conjunction with Saturn, weak Moon in the 10th, Mars in lagna.

16. If the Moon is in Sagittarius and in the navamsa of Leo, Aries, Cancer, and Simultaneously Mars and Saturn join or aspect the Moon.

17. If the 5th or 9th from lagna is Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio or Capricorn with Mars and Saturn.

Planetry Combination of Leprosy

Planetry Combinations of leukoderma, Chicken Pox and Baldness

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