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Moon in Indian Astrology is known as Kumud, a lily flower, Vidhu, Jalnidhi, Tanya, Amrit, Shashdhar, Indu, Ambaj, Sheetrashmi, Shashi etc. each standing for one or the other characteristics indicated by her.

Moon during 1st ten days of Shukal Paksha (brights half) is moderately strong, in the next Ten days, she is very strong and in the last Ten days (dark half) she is without any strength. Even this Moon if conjoins with benefic gives good results. She is negative and rules our personality and form - a female planet.

Moon signifies Mother, mind, softness, sattvic nature, charming eyes, generosity, smartness, deep feelings, and thinking, love and pleasures, ladies breasts, beauty and menstrual order. Afflicted by Saturn gives small breasts to ladies, Jupiter gives big breasts, Venus adds beauty but Mars Keeps them strong and attractive.

1. MOON IN FIRST HOUSE : One is very sensitive and imaginative, of restless nature, and inclined to public life. If Moon is waxing in birth chart, one will have strong constitution and long life. He will be free from fear, very powerful and wealthy. If Moon is waning, above effects will be low.

A full Moon in Ascendant, native is beautiful, rich but delicate. If Moon is of dark half or of the first eight days of bright half, the native is gloomy and weak.

In case Moon is in Taurus, Aries or Cancer, the native is rich and wealthy and enjoys kingly status in life. In Aries, Leo or Sagittarius one is stable, quite, less sexual, noisy, rash and carefree about money matters, few worldly pleasures of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, one is proud, vain, considers himself adept in all learning and can not face the audience.

Moon in Taurus in lagna takes away his worldly pleasures, marriage is denied; if married, the wife is short lived. This may be because of his wickedness and debauchery.

Moon in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, the native is eager to be a leader but is selfish.

Moon of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces makes the native talkative and untrustworthy but moody at times.

Moon in the ascendant, the native likes change of surroundings, profession, residence, and employment etc. One is of intuitive and receptive mind - Ambitious, emotional, fond of sex, refined taste. Native is elevated in life, gain and benefits from public through social contacts. Vivid imagination and dreamy. Strong constitution and recognition from low castc. Generally the native is quite, peace loving, truthful and gentle. Many suffer from somnambulism.

Watery signs show danger from water or liquid. Fiery signs makes the native bold and ambitious. When Moon is in Aries in Lagna and afflicted, one is restless of place, position etc. If Moon is in Scorpio or Capricorn, one is abusive and drunkard. Natives having Moon in Gemini, Virgo, Libra and Aquarius is skilled, learned, interested in Astrology and philosophy, talkative, speaking several foreign languages, writer and speaker. The natives of Pisces, or Cancer is affectionate, Virtuous, religious and popular and is adored, attached to home, family. Of Taurus, one is impulsive, determined, persistent, industries, has concentration of mind, lofty conduct, lucky and prosperous.

When Moon is afflicted in Ascendant it causes headaches, insomnia, restless mind, worried, eye troubles, and disturbs women's cyclic order. Many indispositions which are more or less are of a psychical nature.

2. MOON IN SECOND HOUSE : Such natives are very prosperous, of sound body and charming personality. Romantic, finds pleasures in other's women ignoring his own family and own wife. Full Moon here bestows the native with promising progeny and wealth. Changeable finances, success in business with the general public but carelessness and inconstancy often causes unexpected disappointments. Helpful friends. Loved by opposite sex. Learn and soft spoken. Gain through mother and opposite sex. Poor digestion and loss of appetite.

Dark or feeble Moon, inspite of benefic aspects, causes loss of acquired or inherited property, and obstructs earning and acquisition of wealth any further. In another position if the Moon is in aspect or aspected by benefic, the native will be rich; but his sister or daughter shall suffer financial loss. If Moon is linked with malefic, it denies education or if by benefic, one is scholar of foreign languages.

If Moon is with a friendly planet or exalted or in its own sign, the results are most positive. Of Scorpio or Capricorn gives unfavourable results. All the wealth is liquidated as quickly as the waning Moon. The native suffers at the hands of his relatives, disrepute in foreign land. Scorpio Moon makes the native suffer at his own hands.

Inspite of fluctuating fortune, success in Public affairs is indicated; commercial instinct sharper; romantic or imaginative mind becomes active and ability to make much out of little, with success, in small matters.

Moon in Taurus or Cancer gives wealth, but with a pinch of salt. If it is of Capricorn or Aquarius, the effort to be made is a little less. Of Virgo or Scorpio, the efforts to earn is much less. Results in other signs are good. However this position of the Moon is not quite favourable. But for intellectuals, it is most favourable. Lawyers, robbers and doctors are specially benefitted.

This house must be taken into account, where the native wants to be assessed for his income, cash, jewellery, share, business, movable and immovable property or ancestral . property and inheritance.

If the Moon is afflicted, then it is not favourable for finances and loss through inheritance, by standing surety and having excessive liberty and confidence in unworthy people.

3. MOON IN THIRD HOUSE : This position indicates that native will collect the wealth with his hard efforts. The faith he has will bring him honour and fame. Brothers are source of happiness. Happiness is his second nature. The native has sense of responsibility and has good friends and pleasurable and company of beautiful women throughout life.

Such natives are learned, powerful, will have brothers and will be lascivious. Strong, noble and of confidence which will enable him to face and overcome the difficulties of life. Intuitive, studious, good knowledge of public affairs. Many journeys and changes. Desirous of new surroundings and environments and always keen for new ideas, society and knowledge.

The 3rd house stands for brothers and relatives, short journeys and the mind and Moon posited here indicates love for knowledge, inquisitiveness, good relations with brothers, success in intellectuals pursuits; and changeable disposition. There may be occasions when the native will have compromising intimacy with his most beautiful and charming females leading to his family discord. Protector and helpful to brothers. Bold and cheerful. Ill aspected, badly placed or weak Moon promotes the native to violence, cruel, vain, miser, dull and fearless.

If Moon is posited in the sign of malefic planet, the native talks too much and harms his brothers. If it is in the sign of benefic planet, one lives a carefree life and if Moon is in own sign or in exaltation, one is wealthy, fond of learning and enjoying the life. Valiant, modest, contented, austere, kind, and husband of good God fearing faithful wife.

Afflicted Moon will cause accidents in journeys, fickle minded, sensitive and one postpones the planned journeys. There may be break in education up to higher secondary level. Not favourable for all above points.

4. MOON IN FOURTH HOUSE : Moon denotes mother also. This indicates great attachment with parents and relations. Changeable circumstances and residence. Gain from parents, opposite sex, home and domestic life, modest, fond of opposite sex, happy and intelligent. Native will gain money with difficulty. Ultimate rise in life, property land and vehicles. Sensitive, several pleasures and happy nature.

One will have good authority. Early life will not be smooth and very happy. Full family support. If strong Moon is posited there, native is powerful with good rank. Helpful to friends. Palatial houses and good conveyance. Charitable. Devoted to God and godly people.

Full Moon in 4th house indicates native is born with silver spoon in his mouth. Moon in Cancer grants longevity to mother. One has conveyance and powerful. If waning Moon or linked with a malefic, one's mother will die and one will lose conveyance.

Moon in 4th house makes the native virtuous, large hearted, man of authority, learned, well versed in scriptures and fortunate but melancholy.

If Moon is in movable signs, one has to change his residences frequently, wealth, property inherited from mother. Devotion to mother gives good luck. Ambitions for happiness are fulfilled keeps himself fit and stout.

Moon in Taurus and Capricorn brings separation from dear one's. Full Moon of masculine signs indicates house construction, property and advent of good luck from mother, or after marriage. Moon of Aries, Leo, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn in the 4th house shows more happiness after the marriage or death of parents.

Moon of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius takes away all the inherited wealth, strained relations with mother. In Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn or Scorpio, deprives the native from inheritance and one becomes disable to earn. Aquarius gives wealth after hard work but is soon lost under Saturn's influence. In Cancer, Libra and Pisces, one has stable property. Influence of Mars in Moon cause reversals of fortune through injpulsiveness and rashness. Sun or Mercury brings loss through theft and deception.

Afflicted Moon indicates that this positions is not favourable for relations with parents and opposite sex. Financial loss being proud and deceit. Disappointments in desired success, lack of opportunities, unexpected reversal and changes and unfavourable domestic circumstances. One remains without help or support from parents.

5. MOON IN FIFTH HOUSE : 5th house stands for children speculation, enterprise, gain and love affairs etc. Generally the Moon in 5th indicates a native is patient, gentle, rich, handsome, healthy, music, fond of opposite sex, emotional, prosperous, reputed and blessed with obedient sons. It gives more daughters than sons when it is not so strong or in enemy's sign.

Full strong Moon gives happiness, sons, faithful and devoted wife, if lean though strong or in enemy sign, native has wife but no sons or grand sons. If lean or associated with malefics, the daughters are coquettish. One is fond of rare collection.

If Moon is associated with or aspected by a benefic it indicates a generous, charitable disposition and his desires are fulfilled if one worships Goddesses. Pretty wife, gain from Dairy farm. By nature tense and worried but of obliging nature. One also gains from speculations.

Moon in Gemini or Pisces gives twins. Gain through wife. If Moon is afflicted, gives, melancholy mood, unstable mind and dejection. If aspected by Saturn, the native apparently looks cheerful but from inner heart remains worried and Morse. Aspected by benefics will give many children. Association or aspect of Mars gives courage, Masculine signs gives good results whereas feminine signs give adverse results.

Moon is Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo will bless the native with many daughters, a son last. Moon in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius generally give daughters and no son. Moon in Cancer, Scorpio, Aries, Pisces, Sagittarius or Leo will give son and daughters alternately. Three sons a. e possible if Moon is in Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio. It gives incomplete education if it is in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, same effects are if it is in Taurus, Virgo or Aquarius.

Moon in Scorpio, Cancer or Pisces makes one a lawyer or doctor. Native having Moon in Gemini, Libra and Aquarius works hard and talks less.

In case Moon is afflicted in 5th house or is weak, one will face disappointments, one should be cautious in matters of love and affection because the relations will develop with persons who are least deserved and affection may change to aversion, coldness and indifference. Loss through speculation.

6. MOON IN SIXTH HOUSE : Not a good position for Moon in 6th house. Sixth house denotes enemies, injuries, accidents, diseases, affliction, maternal uncles, cousins, servants, loss of wealth, calamities through women, suits, debts and intimidation.

Moon is 6th house indicates afflicted health unless aspected by benefics. Succeptible to psychic and magnetic influences. Danger of sickness and life in childhood. Gain by serving others and success in domestic service. Inner power and spiritual tendencies are indicated. Diet control for health is must. When Moon has benefic aspect it indicates gain through servants and success in small animals.

II Moon is in own or exalted sign or Full Moon, one enjoys life in all directions.

In 6th house, affliction of Moon is to be studied very closely. Indicates poor success with subordinates, servants and employees, so one should serve others (check position of Sun also). Afflicted nervous system and general health.

When Moon is afflicted in fixed sign one will have afflicted health like bronchitis, stone. Nervousness and stomach troubles of the cardinal signs. If the common sign lung troubles, causes treachery, dishonesty and conflict with employees and some chronic disease.

When Moon is afflicted by Sun, Rahu or Ketu, one will have weak constitution, indigestion, indisposition through psychic conditions. When afflicted by Mars denotes inflammatory complaints. But if affliction by Jupiter is found, indicates liver and blood troubles. Afflicted by Mercury indicates, indigestion, head and teeth aches and bone troubles. Affliction of Venus indicates functional of skin troubles. Saturn causes chronic diseases and poor circulation of blood.

Moon is Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn signs causes temperature, mental, physical and economic crises in native's life. Insulted, many enemies and loss through them.

In Feminine signs causes bronchial asthma. Moon in masculine signs is good for doctors and is somewhat elevating. One has firmness and helpful to patients and others.

7. MOON IN SEVENTH HOUSE : 7th house denotes marriage, partnerships and enemies etc.

Generally Moon in 7th house indicates, healthy, wealthy and wise person. Such persons have good look, loved by opposite sex and extremely lovely but of changeable affection and of variable nature. In a women's chart, indicates union with other person having qualities of change, she is of liberal views. Ruled by wife. Travelling.

If well aspected, early and happy marriage, popular in society and social success. Gain by marriage, partnership in business and public favour. Gain from voyaging trade, speculation, water products, partnership. On land, grocery shop, milk and milk products, chemist shop, hotel industry, commission or insurance agents.

If Moon is in depression sign, wife's death or such natives are, vain sexy, weak, poor and discourteous, jealous, indisciplined or may be physically handicapped. An exalted Moon gives a beautiful and charming wife or husband, native is wealthy and handsome. If Moon is in Faminine sign it makes one a debauch. In Masculine signs one is devoted to partner. Moon if posited in 7th house, indicates more than one marriage, good luck after marriage lasting till this wife survives. Fluctuation in life, business and trade.

Lord of lagna and 7th houses, if well aspcctcd, bestows success in married life, afflicted will cause disharmony. Happy union is indicated where Sun and Moon exchange house. Successful physical union is promised, if Mars and Venus exchange places Venus and Moon in 7th house indicates more than one wife.

One should avoid litigation as Moon in 7th house causes troubles and loss through it. If Moon is in bad aspect to Mars, will cause enmities, irrational speech and actions, assaults, discord and discontentment. Adverse Saturn to Moon will cause loss and disappointment in partnerships. Favourable aspect of Saturn will give every success in business partnership.

Affliction by Mars Rahu or Ketu causes separation of the |iaitner, wife, public opposition, discord and discontentment in married life, enmities, rash and harsh speech and actions. Affliction by Saturn causes disappointments losses and sorrows through union. II afflicted by Mercury matrimonial and business worries.

8. MOON IN EIGHTH HOUSE : It is like 6th house called "Dushthansa or TRIK house" and indicates death, legacies, interest in occult sciences and diseases of secret parts and generative system.

Well aspected Moon will indicate rich, intelligent, powerful and life full of enjoyment. Psychic and occult experiences. Gain in public life, and finances through business or marriage partner and the mother. In male chart indicates early death of mother or wife. In female chart, denotes number of children, a few of whom may not survive long. Occultism and psychic experiences.

Natives with Moon in 8th (called Ashtama Chander) is a toy in the hands of fate. Such persons are learned, intelligent but not so popular with public and friends. The world or dream provides a favourite region of research.

Strong Moon in 8th house of native causes fear of chronic diseases and strong enemies. If posited in Malefic sign, native is short lived. If in own sign or of Venus or Sagittarius of Mercury or is full, the natives suffers from eye diseases, chill fever, rheumatism and epilepsy and other diseases and becomes miserable due to illness, weak, insolent and wicked, excited, but intelligent, of imposing personality, charitable and jovial.

Moon in Cancer or Taurus, native is long lived.

A native born during day of dark half when Moon is in 8th house or in might when Moon is of bright half, native is fully protected. The Sun should not be within 30 degree on either side of Moon. If native is born when Moon is in 8th house and of last day of dark half or if combust, cuts short the life of native if aspected by Jupiter, evil effects are warded off.

Moon in 8th house indicates death in public place, by drowning shipwreck, road accident, public calamity. Separation from loved one due to wife.

If posited in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, native inherits ancestral wealth. A good but sharp partner, if posited in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. If in Gemini, Aquarius, Cancer or Libra native is like a great yogi, devotee or vedantic.

If in feminine sign, servant will betray. If in Capricorn, great sense of honour but opposition and loss through enemies. If in Pisces denoted one is quite, retiring and easy going.

When Moon is afflicted, unsettled fortune after marriage, death of public nature. A harmonious aspect to Venus indicates love affair. Afflicted by Saturn or Ketu indicates death through chronic disease. By Rahu or Mars, violent death, By Sun weak health and serious sickness, death in presence of others. By Venus, urinary complaints. By Mercury stomach or bowel or lung troubles.

9. MOON IN NINTH HOUSE : Moon in 9th house indicates great liking for travelling. May live in foreign land. Fond of change and novelty. Such persons are prosperous, virtuous and blessed with children. Victorious and owned with success in all under takings and endeavour. Inventive mind, progressive and publications, penetrative mind through change romantic, fanciful and idealistic mind. One is blessed with beautiful wife, popular, handsome and of good health. Victorious over enemies. Performs religious ceremonies. Charitable.

Strong full Moon brings here good fortune by the middle age. If of dark half, the native meets utter destruction, learned, and constructs tanks, temples and Dharamshalas. If Moon is in Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, indicates broken or incomplete education. If of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, full education with breaks.

Strong full Moon will bestow good results of house. If Moon conjoins malefic or in its sign or afflicted, ill luck to the native.

If Moon is exalted and also full Moon indicates one gains in 24th year's age, enjoys beautiful women, migrates by sea, fruitful and sound imaginations, firm and proud. Help from wife's relations or own friends.

In Masculine signs Moon gives many younger brothers, will live separately. If Moon is in feminine sign, adverse results are experienced and if further afflicted gives male child as late as 48 years, or may not be there. Moon in Leo, grants luck in death bed. Of Sagittarius, spreads the family house. Of Aries, difficulty in fortune. Moon of Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius makes the native, a writer, publisher or printer.

An afflicted Moon in 9th house by Saturn or Ketu indicates delay, sorrows or loss through travelling, religion, publication and partner's relations. Afflicted by Mars, accidents in travelling. By Mercury, break in college education, by SUN, over enthusiastic or unorthodox in religion. Afflicted by Venus indicates romance, fond of adventure and liberal in religion.

10. MOON IN TENTH HOUSE : An important position. Such persons will become rich by all possible ways. Public recognition and admiration. Ambitious and attains good position. Wife will be shrewd. Fluctuating and changes in business or profession. A person of good deeds and virtuous. Attraction to opposite sex and to mother. Ups and downs in life in all spheres.

An afflicted Moon will bring reversal or down trend. One will be inactive and indolent. Opposition by public, brings public scandal notoriety or discredit and obstacles in business.

If 10th house lord is strongly placed, one is very intelligent, of noble acts, famous and kind.

As a rule Moon in 10th house, indicates native is devoted to his father and family. He is smart, contented and quite. One gets wealth and recognition from state. Reputed and bold, connected with small gains. Wealth brightens his personality. Sober and noble. Gain from women.

Moon in fixed signs makes the native firm by nature, if in common sign ill luck. If in movable signs, changes in business. If Mars conjoins Mercury losses. If conjoins Saturn, difficulty in trade.

If Moon has benefic aspects of Sun. Venus or Jupiter one will have favour, success, prosperity, and popularity. One is careful for his money, Gain in property and public business etc.

Moon in 10th indicates that native will bear malice towards first son (10th house is 6th from 5th house).

Moon is Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn indicates separation from parents in early age. Success in elections and gains leadership.

If Moon is in Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, one not only pays his debts but also Of his father if any. Gains and stability at age of 28 years.

If Moon in Aries, Cancer or Capricorn, fluctuating trade and changing business. Except Taurus, all other signs are unfavourable to the parents.

But when afflicted by Mars indicates public dishonour, scandal, notoriety or discreet, Obstacles and troubles in business. By Saturn, slow progress everywhere.

11. MOON IN ELEVENTH HOUSE : This house denotes honour, fame and profession, ambitions and responsibilities, gold and jewellery, agriculture and cattle rearing.

Good Moon indicates, that such persons are long lived, wealthy, high minded, blessed with children and servants. Learned, respected, and favoured by kind and rulers of Govt; modest in his disposition. Many acquaintances, unreliable friends. Success in dealing with opposite sex, children and youngsters who will influence the life greatly. Blessed with daughters. Wealth and beautiful charming ladies abound native.

Such persons are frank, tactful, beautiful, surrounded by friends for which one should be choosy. Varied pleasures and conveyance. One is imposing and bold, long life and never fading fame.

If Moon is waning, in depression sign or in the sign of malefic or enemy planet, native is denied all pleasures and gains. More daughters. Remains sick.

An exalted Moon grants favours, learned. Blessed will son at age of 50 years. Versatile and obliging. If 11th lord is strong, gain increases and if afflicted, expenses increase.

Moon-Venus conjunction indicates gain of vehicles, well versed all round, many employees, helpful to others. When it has benefic aspect of Sun, Saturn or Jupiter indicates a glorious victory. Affliction by Mars indicates troubles, sorrows and loss through friends, disappointing friendship, sudden changes amongst friendship and separation. Loss of reputation through opposite sex. Affliction by Saturn keeps mind worried, delays and sorrows by friends.

Full Moon in 11th house, makes a native dealer in silver, marble, rice, sugar, hotel industry and rare stones etc.

In Masculine signs, gives favourable results. The native does social service also. In feminine signs, one does social work, looks his old business.

Moon in Taurus being the lagna lord, native is successful in achieving his ambitions and hopes. Indicates strong WILL power.

The Moon in Pisces and Jupiter aspects her from 5th house, the native has an elder brother.

12. MOON IN TWELFTH HOUSE : Love of occultism mysterious and romance. Secret mission like C.I.D., CBI will be favourable. Discrete love affairs, sorrows and loss through them, Indolent and insulted. No fixity of mind and loss through women. If Moon is in Cancer or exalted or aspected by Jupiter, one will be rich and famous. Sensitive but contended. May like solitude, inclination for psychic, occult and theological studies. One's eyes are afflicted. Fear of enemies. Charitable works. Indifferent to own mother, worries, sex phobia with old women. Violent, cruel, disliked by people lives in foreign land. Thin, lean but sick. One is scholar and generous. It is life of limitation and restrictions Moon in own sign or in sign of Mercury or Jupiter, the native has sensual control. Charitable and fortunate without any reason. Calm and quite, worried and few friends.

Full and exalted Moon indicates man of character. If Moon is weak, native's semen is weak particularly for producing male child.

If Moon is associated with malefics or enemy planet, one commits evil deeds. One wastes his money foolishly on women, who will be indiscreet in their love affairs. Moon afflicted with Mars will cause troubles and worries. Moon if in Scorpio or Capricorn, one is scoundral. In other signs, there will be success in life, joy and wealth. In Aries, Moon indicates a restless, rover, handsome and intelligent native.

If Moon is strongly and well positioned, one will gain in foreign land, gain from agriculture, life long happiness. Cancer and Pisces will be blessed with sons. Affectionate to his sons. Interest in speculations. Royal favour, learned and scholarly in Mantras and scriptures. Long lasting pleasure from sex. If Moon is in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, the native shows a good behaviour. Proper use of wealth, a scholar but not impressive personality.

Moon in Masculine signs gives favourable results but in feminine signs unfavourable results. One can not pay debts. Moon in Taurus indicates wealth and gain from paternal uncle, second wife is, indicated, strained relations with 1st wife. Unfit for tricks. Capricorn gives him wealth but make him miser. Moon in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, the native does not live long and enjoy pension.