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Planet Mars in the Horoscope


This is significator of brothers, courage, energy, ambitions and desires, endurance, self confidence, strength, heroism, wittiness, dashing, caution and preservance and increases generousity. Harmonious disposition, practical nature, resourcefulness, determined, force of character, extremists, honest friends, adventurous and independent, landed and immovable property, native may be of white complexion with red shade tings, muscular and tall, round eyes and pimples on the face, narrow waste but strong bones, frankness, accident, operation, wounds, cuts, robust health and bleeding.

Love for work, prosperity and success in finances and competitive examinations, peaceful, gaining popularity (Venus aspect) resourceful, occult, science, religious and contact with foreigners.

But when it is afflicted it denotes rashness, lose temper, quarrelsome fond of drink, bruteness, native will satisfy their sexual hunger in noval ways and malpractices, irritation and violence, unpleasant and unhappy domestic life, rash and aggressive temperament, affected, reputation and health, misunderstanding, cheat and scoundral, thievish nature, hoarder, lavish, extravagant, stubbornness, fanatic, waste of impulsive desires, prodigality, and not trustworthy.

It is lord of Tuesday, direction North East, rules Ariesand Scorpio (own houses), exalted in Capricorn, detriment to Libra and Taurus signs. It is hot, fiery, masculine planet. Friends are Jupiter, Moon and Sun, neutral to Mercury and enemy of Saturn and Venus. It is malefic.

It denotes coral and red stones, metals are copper or gold, governs Mrigasira, Chitra and Dhanishta constellations and Dasa period is 7 years.

it signifies Red colours, scarlet and carmine.

Body parts indicated by Mars are ear, nose, forehead, sineus fibre, muscular tissues, external sex organs, face, sense of taste, kidney, muscles, Gall bladder, rectum, prostrate glands, uterus, groins and the colon.

Diseases indicated by Mars are blood disease, tissues, breakage, fevers, burns, pimples, wounds, tumor eruptions, epilepsy, body deformity, smallpox, chicken pox, appendicitis, lung disease and also of throat, car, tongue, nose, high blood pressure, bleeding through instruments, hernia, carbuncles, burns and brainfever. Astroshastra provides an detailed information on the remedies of the Mars , Puja of Mars and provide various products like Mangal Yantra, Three Mukhi Rudraksha Bead, Mangal Rudraksh Pendant as well as Mangal Puja, Mangal Homa and Mangal Abhishek to appease Planet Mars.