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Planet Venus in the Horoscope


The most brilliant planets VENUS is significator of the pleasant partner viz husband, wife or business.

Also signifies beauty, modesty, virtue, affability, sincerity, fortune, artistic disposition and of literature, dance, music, poetry, amusements, pleasurable pursuits, love, marriage, gain through public affairs, friendship, sex, conjugal or domestic happiness, attraction, love and relationship with opposite sex. Venusians have charming eyes, beauty, average height, round face, pleasant voice, soft and sweet smile, passions, pleasure of beds, delightful, social, comforts, luxury, clubs etc.

Generous, good earnings and profits through partner and speculation, refined and polished nature, fond of scents, vehicles, conveyance, courage, confidence good sportsman, good nature, humorous taste, fond of fine arts, law abiding, follower of traditions, good financier, honest, good health and smooth life, fertile imagination and attractive personality.

If It is afflicted, it signifies less beauty, of amorous nature,- immoral life, rivalry, jealously, unsmooth life, rash and violent action, unpleasant domestic life, separation, divorce, ill reputation, scandal, loss of conveyance through accidents, death of husband, wife or partner, plurality in sexual relations, sexy, illicit relation with others, financial loss, domestic worries, breavements, disappointments, etc.

Also reversals, downfall, falsification of accounts, litigations, debauchery, misrepresentation, legal trouble, misfortune, dishonour, disgrace and questionable conduct.

The It is lord of Friday, feminine, direction South-West. Owns Taurus and Libra houses, exalted in Pisces 27°, detriment houses Aries and Scorpio. It is friends of Mercury and Saturn neutral to Mars and Jupiter and enemies to Sun and Moon.

Diamond stands for it. Turquoise, pink, lemon, Yellow and blue are colours for it. The metals indicated are gold and Platinum. The constellations ruled by Venus are Bharni, Poorva phalguni and Poorvashada, Dasa period of it is 20 years.

Body parts signified by Venus are ovaries, eyes, generative system, water, kidney, throat, chin, checks and internal generative system.

Diseases denoted by Venus are venereal diseases, Carbuncles, stone in bladder of kidney, eyes afflictions, diseases of ovaries, weakness of sexual organs, exudation of semen, Gout, Anaemia troubles in cohabitation, eye discharge, throat disease, digestive trouble, sensitiveness, leucoderma, Eczema, syphilis, gonorrhea, menstrual troubles and abortions.