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THE SUN Sun rules over vitality and indicates strength of the body. A royal planet of power, authority, Govt, favour and honour. It bestows on the native a general success, fortunate for character and events. This adds strength and uniqueness to the character. The persons having strong Sun dominate others are free, frank, outspoken, generous, proud, firm and of strong WILL power. They attain good Will of superiors, honour, general success, advancement in life and are very impressive. Ambitious very famous and energetic, of defective eyesight, rich and learned. Love for power and authority.

Sun in First House. Sun in 1st house First house is called TANU Bhava. If Sun is in masculine signs, the native shall have a few children and if in female signs, one will have a large family and will be contented and happy.

Sun if posited in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, one is bold, courteous but unhappy. Sun in Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn makes the native work as under dog. Sun in Aries, Gemini, Cancer Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius makes one fond of music and acting. Sun in Cancer, Scorpio and Sagittarius makes one scholar and a virtuous man. Sun in Pisces, one has connections with many women and scholars. Sun in Cancer attracts to him to his family and in Scorpio makes him a good doctor.

The Sun in FIERY signs makes the native ambitious, short tempered, dominating and sober. If in EARTHY signs the native is vain, impertinent and, moody. AIRY signs make the native just, large hearted, of artistic and literary taste. WATERY signs draw him to women forgetting personal good.

The Sun in Aries, Leo and Sagittarius may give him measles, small pox in childhood. Sun in Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn may afflict eye sight. In Gemini, Libra or Aquarius may cause malaria. Mar asmus and inflammatory complaints. The Sun in Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces may give him hoeorrhizia, cough, diarrohea, palpitation of heart, disturbance of blood circulation and fever, bone weakness etc.

The Sun in the Rising sign symbolises progress and good luck. The Sun in Summer solistic (Uttarayana) brings disputes, makes the native ego-centric and selfish. The Sun in winter in (Dakshinayana) promotes Divinity in the native. Exalted, well aspected or well associated Sun develops faith, and confidence, coupled with natural ambitions, bestows position of trust and influence and supports moral growth.

When Sun is afflicted, in depression sign or afflicted by Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu, indicates that power and authority will become restricted, one has to work hard, not so good financially and do mean acts of afflicted health and reverses in life. Mars, Sun or Mars aspects Sun anywhere gives good stamina to work hard throughout life.

Note: The Sun afflicted by Saturn, Rahu or Ketu by conjunction or aspect in any house of birth chart make the Sun weak. In depression or malefic houses Sun becomes weak. Native is not fully rewarded for hard work done by him in life. One is devoid of power and authority, changes in profession and does not receive Govt, favour. Remedial measures for Sun are MUST.

2. Sun in Second House :Sun in 2nd house Such persons are rich, earn money through self efforts and superiors. Will hold good office position. Gain through Govt; officers and persons in authority. Generous, social, inclined to luxury, fond of opposite sex and courageous. Unwanted expenditure. Will have some disease in the face and may make one stammer in talk. Good fortune will increase with good aspects of benefic planets and increases WILL power, emotions and desires etc.

The Sun in exaltation sign will give clear speech and makes the native a learned scholar - Real Rajayogkarka.

Sun in 2nd house makes the native charitable, wealthy, wins over Enemies by his dealings and behaviour, speaks logically in sweet terms. One has to pay some penalty to the Govt; He will spend pmfitahly, dispute with family members due to his wife.

If lagna is in a Feminine sign, the native wins over his enemies and is a line orator.

Sun in 2nd house in Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius, the native gets wealth and monetary gain. If in Aries or Leo, one does not suffer monetarily. Sun Mercury conjunction causes stammering. Sun in Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn does not help in accumulation of wealth (to check 11th house), one likes to work independently provided Dhanesh is strong (2nd house lord is called Dhanesh), it should not be retrograde set, retarding or oppressed and also not in conjunction with a malefic but aspected by benefics. The Sun in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces makes the native an officer, well paid or he works in a firm in good position. Sun in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius makes one selfish and ambitious.

A native born under the influence of Dhan Bhava Sun transfers good luck to his father, provided the latter makes personal efforts. (i morally father and son do not have understanding. Lawyers, doctor ami astrologers find such Suns to their advantage.

Sun in 2nd house in Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces, one suffers from heat in eyes, hand and feat; weak eye sight, desire for tasty food and fine dresses. But if 2nd lord Jupiter or Saturn in this case is retrograde and posited in 2,4,6,8 or 12 house, the yoga will make the native poor.

Sun in Third House: Sun in 3rd house Such persons will possess great strength, Irascible, attain great fame, will die in midst of relations. Successful travels for business and pleasures. Resourceful mind, creative and ambitious. Gain from relations and neighbours, magnanimous and helpful to others. Bounded by family ties. One suffers at the hands of brothers. Always wins over enemies, recognised by the state. To sum up, one is famous, kind, healthy, wealthy and wise. One is modest and is like a king in life.

Sun in 3rd house is Maraka for elder brother, and even for self it can prove as fatal. If Lord of 1st and 3rd houses find a link by aspect or association with 8th house and its lord. The latter should not be under any influence.

The Sun in Aries in 3rd house makes one lazy, wicked, easygoing, talkative, mischievous and maraka to elder brother. Sun here in masculine signs makes the native quite, thoughtful, intelligent, social, active in educational and public works. Fighting municipal elections, President or vice President, Director of big companies, establishing his authority, talks authoritatively. Subordinates will cooperate with him. Sun in Gemini, Libra or Sagittarius makes one authors, publishers, professor or lawyer. Fond of home and children of active mind and can be relied upon in adversity. Elder brother's separation can be saviour for him.

In female's chart, Sun in 3rd house may promise the birth of twins or two marriages subject to other checks.

If the Sun is posited in feminine signs gives brothers and sisters. The native has wealth, peace of mind, and conveyance. It is good for progeny. The native is brave and charitable.

The Sun in Masculine signs in 3rd house indicates that the native is only child in the family. If somehow, there are brothers, they are of no help. He is either eldest or youngest. He is certainly determined, fond of science and art and seldom changes residence.

4.Sun in Fourth House : Sun in 4th houseIntelligent and brave." In early part of your life, you will be a home bird, and will have strong influence of parents that of mother till middle age.

Acquisition of land, property, houses and products of land. Of provoking temperament, good memory, will speak rapidly, gain through inheritance and fortunate inheridity. A chance of honour in latter period of life. The native may reside in foreign countries. Insulted by the enemies and remain tense mentally. Discontented and one does not have much impressive personality.

Deprived of happiness of family and relations. Opposition with father.

One is popular, kind and generous. Fond of music, brave, gets family comforts and respected by the state, when Sun is posited in Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces.

If Sun is posited in Taurus, Leo, Sagittarius, Aries or Cancer denotes malefic results, one is gloomy, suspicious and debauche.

Such varied results of Sun in 4th house be noted according to signs of Sun posited therein and the aspect. A peaceful death when Sun is in Conjunction, association or in aspect with Mars, Saturn or Rahu.

Generally Sun in 4th house will make the first half of life full of troubles of various kinds arising out of family, health, uncongenial parents, death, separation, poor health, afflicted career, plans and ambitious are not fulfilled. However in middle and later part of life after age of 22 years, life will take a turn for better and then there may be gain, improvement, success in all matters as referred above.

If the lord of 4th house is strong, in trine or in square to the 4th house or 4th house is well aspected, the native gains through property, conveyance, wealth and family circumstances. If 4th house lord in the enemy house or in 3,6,12 houses, associated or aspected, then all is lost to the native, his life will be full of struggles, ups and downs.

5. Sun in Fifth House: Sun in 5th houseHonourable and successful attachments, social and pleasure loving nature, intelligent, gain through judicious speculations, easily moved, love nature, generous and sincere. Good travels.

Phaladeepika says such person will suffer with denial of children but we disagree with it. However, it depends on the significator of child, nature of 5th house sign, its lord, aspects on it etc. But one thing is proved by experience that native suffers at the hands of first son.

One is sharp and intelligent, learned in mantra shastra. Enjoys cheating others. He hoards wealth, careless and negligent. Chest pain will be cause of his death. One indulges in ignoble acts. If 5th lord is associated with Rahu or Ketu, native dies of snake bile. If Mars or enemy planets aspect or associates, abortion takes place.

If Sun is posited in 5th house in other than Watery sign here, will have no progeny. Watery signs give weak and sick children. If not associated with Moon, Jupiter or Venus or Sun is not aspected by them, the children die. Leads a life of luxury, lives with many women and one overspends. One has keen interest in speculation and capacity of enjoyment is very great.

If posited in 5th house in Masculine signs, there may not be any child or will die early.

Sun in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces cause mental and physical sufferings. In Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn signs, one has evil mind and do evil acts. Short tempered, low character and wrong society. Sun in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius signs gives disrespect, deny the children, foolish, atheist and anti religious.

Sun in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius gives honour, success, pleasures, loving nature, good education, small family in Aries. Often causes abortion, or difficult child birth or even may deny children. A barren sign add more such effects.

The Sun in Sagittarius is also lord of Ascendant and as such mak

es the native influential, strong heart, bones and mind. One has power and authority. Provided Jupiter is well posited in the chart. If 5th house sign where Sun is posited is Taurus, Virgo, Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio or Pisces, the business of native flourishes, children survive and wealth is accumulated. Sun is Gemini, Libra or Aquarius makes the native a lecturer, writer, publisher or public man and gives sickness to wife.

An afflicted, ill aspected or badly placed Sun signifies loss through speculation, abortions, denial of children, troubles and jealously. Sorrows through love, pleasure and pride. One becomes arrogant, of fickle mind, over ambitious, haughty and irritable natures. Gives Lord SHIVA adoration.

6. Sun in Sixth House : Sun in 6th houseSun is 6th house is called Ripu Hanta, Shatru hanta and Shatari. So one conquers his enemies. A friend of friends who will reduce himself to penury to save him. Bad for maternal uncle and his family. One meats with accidents with cows, buffalos etc. sharp horned animals, robbers etc. Here Sun is powerful shatru nashak.

One is glutton, very passionate, strong, gentle and like a king, general or Judge.

Generally weak constitution but if aspected by benefics, health will improve but needs to be safe guarded. In business, one will gain when he will associate himself with a partner.

Normally it is believed that Sun in 6th house is Bad. Many Savants considers Sun in 6th is benefic, because a bad or dushthansa house is posited with malefic planet Sun. Satyacharya says that Sun in 6th protects one from enemies, from Sickness, sorrows and debts.

Our experience indicates that it positively destroys enemies. Other aspects depends on sign of 6th house, aspects of other planet and on the condition of 6th house lord, which will indicate favourable or otherwise.

Normally when good, Sun makes one rich, handsome, healthy, conqueror of enemies, wise, helpful to others and builds property. Good aspect of Mars, Jupiter or Venus gives good health, gain through subordinates, servants, success, promotion and fortunate. Social worker and famous.

If Sun is in feminine signs it indicates pleasures, passions and purity of character. If in Masculine signs, gives state recognition, status, one is arrogant, short tempered and glutton. One quarrels with superiors, subordinates are not sincere but are dishonest.

When afflicted in fixed signs causes quinsy, bronchitis, asthma, diphtheria, heart trouble and nervous disorders. If afflicted in common signs, one has incurable diseases. Afflicted in Cardinal signs, develops functional derangements, Rheumatism or permanent injury.

Afflicted Sun gives bad results of 6th house.

7. Sun in Seventh House:Sun in 7th house 7th house indicates love and marriage husband or wife, public enemies, law suits, partnership, travel, happiness, children from second wife, son-in-law, relatives, ways and means and merchandise etc.

Sun basically in 7th house is not good unless beneficially aspected.

It denotes strained relations with wife, wife is diseased, mentally tense, little profit in business, and discord with people and insomnia. One remain under the influence of wife, who rules him. Suffers sickness and from enemies. Jealous of ladies, short tempered, wicked, quarrelsome, both husband and wife are not faithful to one and other.

Sun in 7th delays or denies marriage. Married life has no happiness and pleasures due to discord. One may have two wives/husbands. Sarcastic and critics. If Sun is stronger in own sign, one is loyal, rich and enjoys comforts. If in enemy or in fall sign, or ill aspected all above results. One is polygamist.

The results of Sun in Aries, Leo and Capricorn in 7th are not favourable. If in Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, one gets highest education and in law; promotes music, art and literature, has few or no children.

In Aries, Leo or Sagittarius causes two marriages. Also take marriage with difficulty. Loves independence.

Feminine signs like Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn brings gain in business, fights Elections to win and gives many children. Sun in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces makes the native Doctor or Engineer. Native's wife will be impressive, good at public dealings, good hostess, kind to servants and helpful to her partner. She is good looking but tightfisted. Sun in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, wife brings dishonour to husband.

The Sun in 7th house of Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces gives success in life and service etc up to age of 50 years. The Sun in Masculine signs gives many ups and downs. At 50-52 years age takes away wife and deny second marriage. A few children.

Westerns think the position of Sun in 7th as good, but experience does not indicates so.

To sum up, Sun in 7th house indicates any public career which will be beneficial, of playful disposition, acquisition of friends and acquaintances. Attraction and popular with opposite sex. Such persons hardly remain single. In Phaladeepika and Hora Sara, there is mention that family relations will remain strained, loss or separation of wife. Check aspects etc for clarity.

If well aspected, gain through partnership, otherwise loss, opposition, jealously or contention. Rise in life after marriage.

In case Sun is afflicted indicates loss in partnership, delays, disappointments in love and married life etc.

8. Sun in Eighth House :Sun in 8th house 8th house indicates WILLS, legacious, dowry, Chronic diseases, loss of wealth, extravagance, suits and quarrels, death, occult matters and coworkers. Gain from wife and partnership and ancestral wealth. (8th house being 2nd to 7th house).

Sun in 8th house increases vitality and confer long life only when well aspected. A steady fortune after marriage, fame late in life and gain through partnership or legacy or goods of the dead. Taste in occult, sciences, success and very famous.

The native is handsome but indolent, prodigal, spendthrift, adulterous, travels wide and is quarrel some. Weak eye sight, wealthy but violent and hardworking. Less progeny, Fickle minded but generous. Talkative, long lived, has little happiness from Son if not denied.

In a female chart, forms bad aspects indicates the native is involved in trouble and anxiety due to a WILL, impairing her health freely. The husband may die first; vice versa, in a male chart.

If Sun is well aspected, brings steady fortune after marriage, increased vitality, long life, self sacrifice, fame at fag end of life.

Alone Sun without any aspect indicated 45th year is very critical for native, may cause heart trouble, weak body, honourable events the partner is over generous and extravagant.

Sun in Aries, Leo and Sagittarius gives bad results and not so critical if in Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Feminine signs give favourable results. Death under Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius, and Pisces is honourable, in Aries and Leo, Sudden and violent death and in other signs it is after long illness and great sufferings. If Sun in masculine signs, home secrets are made out through servants, unfaithful wife, poverty in old age and one is deprived of children.

If afflicted, likelihood of premature, sudden or violent death (subject to other confirmations), death of father either in childhood or just after birth and in female's chart husband may die first than wife.

9. Sun in Ninth House : Sun in 9th house Such persons will do good deeds, religious and will have connections with charitable institutions, churches, temples, mosques or Gurdwaras etc. Respectful to saints. Blessed with wife and sons. Such persons may write or publish books. A good long travel.

Investigating mind, social and helpful to others. Success abroad or may reside there. Such persons are ambitious, firm, self reliant and confident. May be a legal man. They gain popularity. One is at war and worries as his deeds are not backed by his sincerity. Suffers at the hands of his brothers. One is head strong and does not listen to the advice of father or preceptor so he is called PITRA GURU-DWESHI. Well settled in middle age. Conventional happiness through family and friends. Famous, God fearing, success through legal or foreign affairs. Sun here makes early life difficult, middle life easy, and latter life unhappy.

Afflicted by Mars, indicates troubles in foreign countries, ardent, enthusiastic, orthodox or liberal in religious beliefs. Rash, extreme, accident in travel etc. Afflicted by SATURN denotes hindrances, delays in plans, travel, religious faith, and losses in foreign countries. Hindrances through perversity and Pride. Affliction by RAHU OR KETU denotes ill effects as per Mars and Saturn respectively. Affliction by JUPITER (when it is malefic and lord of 6th, 8th or 12th house) denotes troubles in foreign lands, broken college education, hindrances or loss in publications, legal affairs and educational work.


JUPITER indicates success and honour through religion, travels, publication and science etc. International recognition or honour. Gain from foreign journeys, head of religious institution etc. Helpful to relations or partners.

MARS when yogakarka or exalted denotes that person will be patriotic, courageous, and may be a revolutionary, Vigorous in defence of Justice.

SATURN when Yogakarka or exalted denotes philosophical mind, love of justice and responsible undertakings.

NOTE : The readers should note particularly the affliction of Jupiter and favourable aspects of Mars and Saturn which is AUTHOR'S EXPERIENCE. In Hindu Astrology Jupiter does not have adverse aspect whereas Saturn and MARS have malefic aspect always.

10. Sun in Tenth House : Sun in 10th houseThis position is always treated as beneficial subject to aspects. Such persons have their business, industry or service very successfully and profitable. His mother's health causcs him constant worry. Remorse due to separation from partner or friend.

It indicates that person is ambitious, fond of Power and authority will succeed so. Blessed with sons, vehicles, wealth and fame. Intelligent and will enjoy kingly status and will be widely known. Brave, honour and success. Gain from parents and rulers. The success in life is steady, in business, profession or service and will enjoy positions of trust and favourable circumstances. Good vitality and high moral standards. One enjoys Govt; favour and reputation through hard work. Love for music and art. Generous, service to saints and high moral standards.

If aspected by three benefic planets, one gets royal favour, inclined to noble deeds, brave and famous. If Sun is in exaltation or own sign, respects saints and charitable, makes his own property. If in association or under malefic aspects, native will pass through many obstacles, ignorable deeds and dissipated.

In depression sign LIBRA Sun in 10th house indicates that it does not give full favourable results.

Affliction to Sun by unfavourable MARS brings discord between employer and employee, whereas, well placed MARS will give rapid advancement or confer honourable post of judge or minister. Good and favourable aspects of SATURN will make the native a high Govt; officer with power and authority.

The Sun in Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio or Sagittarius in 10th house, will bestow gainful status in Revenue, Police, Army or Excise departments. When Sun in Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Gemini or Pisces, one enjoys high status of Lt. Governor, President, Secretary etc. Scorpio Sun makes the native a doctor.

The native gains promotion, success and progress in early life, the end is not so comfortable and honourable. He fades away due to sickness, penury, discord with authorities and Govt; jealously and hatred from wife and children.

11. Sun in Eleventh House : Sun in 11th houseOne gets wealth, recognition and good will from Govt; and persons in Power and authority, one gains from them. Famous, wealthy and rich person. Will have obedient servants, blessed with long life and a kingly status. Popular among friends but be choosy about friends. Friends will be helpful and sincere having great influence on you. Successful and favourable hopes. Social success. Do not invite jealously of enemies due to loyal mind and honesty of purpose. His grief is his children viz short lived, foolish, illiterate, disobedient, quarrelsome and corrupt. Native himself is learned, virtuous, righteous, God fearing, handsome with beautiful eyes and fond of art, music and literature. Obedient and faithful, wife and servants. Conveyance in early age.

Sun here is not good for elder brother especially when it is in a Masculine sign.

The Sun in Aries may deny children. In Gemini, it will give a few sons to die early. In Leo gives daughters only. Of Libra gives wealth recognition and reputation. Of Sagittarius makes a judge or an advocate. Of Aquarius gives property. Of the Feminine signs gives both sudden wealth and children. Of the masculine signs wealth and children after hard struggle and brings disputes amongst brothers.

If Sun is associated, aspected or conjoined with malefics, his wealth and conveyance is lost. In own or exalted sign, the native is strong, very fortunate and man of power and authority. If in depression, they become a burden and dangerous.

12. Sun in Twelfth House : Sun in 12th house12th house is a house of 'SELF UNDOING' and indicates expenditure, Journeys. Stay in foreign lands on duty, sound sleep, real happiness including conjugal, gifts, shipping, Govt; appointments, secret enemies, imprisonment and assault by thieves. Occult and psychic sciences. This is an important position for Sun as in 9th house.

Sun in 12th house indicates occult and psychic tendencies, uncommon tastes and tendencies. Success over enemies and in medicines, occult sciences and chemistry etc.

One may hate his father. Defective eyesight if Sun here is afflicted. One will have many vices. Interested in going to foreign countries where be will succeed.

In case Sun occupies a depression or inimical sign in Navamsa, it will only intensifies the faults and shortcomings of the house. Such persons will have unpopular or obscure occupation. May like seclusion, one should safeguard against fraud, enmity, imposture or notice which may not be played with native. Unexpected events in life may happen. So habit of foresight be developed through intuition. False accusation or even false imprisonment may bother you. But you will receive good help from friends. Sympathetic and charitable. Secret alliances and secrecy in society will be to your advantages. Such persons may have inclination towards occultism or psychic matters.

Early life is unfortunate and obscure but latter life full of success by his own efforts. If Sun is afflicted, imprisonment, eccentric with uncommon castes and inclination towards vices.

If afflicted by Mars or Saturn, life will be full of sorrows and sufferings, but if well aspected by Jupiter or Saturn, the native will do much self sacrifice and endurance. If in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, it makes him unscrupulous, proud, unfortunate, troubles through persons in Power and authority, opposite sex, death of loved ones and from enemies.

If Sun is in Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, the native has endurance, reputation, independent, money minded and rational. Occult and psychic tendencies and gain through secret missions, but unfortunate in marriage and love affairs. If Sun is in Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, one is extravagant, reputed, but misfortunes through relatives and in travel, separation, and ill health.

If in Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, makes the native carefree, political confinement, philanthropic, warrior, love for occult readings, long journeys, tragic and spiritualism.

If Sun is posited in watery signs, one will have a mediumistic faculty. When Sun is will aspected, one will be self sacrificing, enduring and rises out of seclusion, obscurity, or difficulties by his own efforts after the first one third of his life.

If Sun on the whole is afflicted in the house will bring many sorrows and misfortunes, ill reputation, imprisonment, defective eyesight, inflammatory conditions, but bad effects as indicated by the sign occupied by SUN. Phaladeepika says that person is bereft from wealth and family.