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Shukra Yantra/Venus Yantra

shukra yantra Shukra Yantra/Venus Yantra to appease the planet Venus. It gives a symmetrical body, has a liking for sour taste, and makes one a person of high tastes, passionate, loving, romantic, well-informed and enterprising.

If powerful in one's natal chart, it would make the native beautiful with sparkling eyes, ruddy lips, smooth hair, amorous looks and a charming countenance. one has sonorous voice, is fond of perfumes and scents, showers love and affection and shows a refined taste in the finer things of life, like music, art and culture, dance and drama, ornaments and jewels.

When Venus is malefic, the use of this is very benefic and favourable. It is embossed on Copper plate and is kept on rising Moon Friday. It bestows respect, love of opposite sex and peace of mind.

Made of : Copper (Gold Plated), Silver Pendant
Sizes available : 4X4, 6X6 , 8X8
Packet contains : Gold plated copper yantra , Roli , Mouli.

Venus controls sex power in males and if Venus is deblitated or aspected by Malefics in the chart , this yantra comes as an rescue. It negates empower the planet Venus and help in mitigating the negative influence of malefic planets. There are many remedies for malefic Venus, like chanting of 108 name of Lord Shukra, but daily puja of energized yantra is very effective.

Symptoms of Malefic Venus

Like wearing stained cloths
Have skin problem
No favors from females in general
Marital Discord
Extra Marital Affairs
Sex Problems

Benefits of Shukra Yantra

1. It is very useful in solving Marital Issues , like sepration or Divorce.
2. It empowers Planet Venus in Horoscope.
3. It solves Sex Problems.
4. It is also helpful in removing bad additictions.
5. It increases the beauty of Sadhak.

Mantra for Shukra Yantra

"Om Draang Dreeng Dreeng Drong sa shukraye Namah"<

Shukra Yantra (5" X 4")
INR:2076   USD:29.66
Sizes in gold
Shukra Yantra INR:4054   USD:57.91
size:8" X 7"

Shukra Yantra Bhojpatra (Small)
INR:500   USD:7.14

 Sizes in Bhoj
 Shukra Yantra INR:1999   USD:28.56

INR:   USD:0.00

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