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The Fascinating Jupiter is benefic as well as malefic planet. It is a significator of children particularly male child. Also indicates religious bent of mind, generousity, educational interest, bank, foreign land, Air travels, natural peace, prosperity, good fortune and popularity. Gain in business or profession, winner in law suits, sympathetic and one is adventurous. When weak or afflicted, it indicates extremeist tendencies, extravagant, liberal, lavish, over optimistic, gambling, misjudgement, misfortune, law suits, unpopular, disagreements, improvidence and frivolous. In the light of above traits, we analyses the effects of Jupiter in various houses of the birth chart.

1. JUPITER IN 1ST HOUSE: Except in its depression sign Capricorn, the Jupiter in lagna indicates that native is recognised by the people for his proficiency. Wealthy, fearless, handsome body and appearance. One gets power, authority, finance and royal favour of Govt; one is large hearted, noble, religious, loves gold, diamonds (specially ladies). Long lived, blessed with children. Optimistic, cheerful, jovial, sincere and faithful. One has a leading position in social, educational and business circles. Self confident, determined broadminded and self possessed. High standing like judge, banker doctor, Govt; Officer or a good business man. if Jupiter in lagna, trine or kendra houses and of Sagittarius, Pisces or Cancer signs indicates a native free of any danger, happy childhood, dangerous to enemies, honour and wealth through Govt; millionaire and is like a king. Learned, conveyance, calm, wise impression, has a noble life, long living and stout. Jupiter in Capricorn in lagna becomes weak, and devoid the native of all above good effects. But its aspects enhance the values of house where it aspects. Exalted and Jupiter in own signs in lagna indicates all above good results. If afflicted, indicates fraud, disappointment, affects adversely to inflow of money, profession is of lower type, one becomes hypocrite and cheat. Afflicted health, and a sharp outburst. Of mean outlook and debauchee. It gives favourable results if in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini or Pisces. In Cancer, mean mentality and debauchee. One feels secure if in own signs.

Jupiter in Taurus, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius or Pisces, one is jovial, broad brow, and humane.

In lagna if Jupiter is in Aries or Leo, progney in middle age, if in own sign, barren. If in Taurus or Virgo, want of worldly pleasure. If m I .nulls, Cancer, Virgo or Scorpio, native becomes selfish, conceited and stubborn helping others with motive and glutton. If in Capricorn, fond of music, poetry, drama, reading and literature. If Jupiter is in Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius, the results are unfavourable. If in Taurus, Virgo or Libra, little accumulation of wealth. If in Capricorn or Aquarius indicates false pride. If Jupiter is in Cancer or Scorpio, one is good natured, but cruel and short tempered. If in Gemini, first half of life is full of hardships and latter is full of prosperity. If in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, the native is well disposed and operative without any difficulty. If in Pisces native is very hospitable. If Jupiter is in Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, the native has sex with low women, it is modified if this Jupiter is in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. If it is in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, the native has connections with women of high class status.

2. JUPITER IN 2ND HOUSE : General prosperity, wealth and great confidence in financial success also. A good jovial talker, compassionate and blessed with power to worship God. Handsome and learned. Gain through Govt; Power and authority. Position through law, judge, insurance, education, banking and travels etc. One is generous, rich, affectionate, popular, rich, if aspected by Mercury, one is wealthy and enthusiastic. If in Cancer or Sagittarius, one is rich, very strong and blessed with conveyance. If it conjoins with malefic, break in education. If in debilitation or in sign of malefic, one is drunkard, debauchee, cruel to posterity and devoid of son. If in good aspect with Saturn, financial gain, fortune and success. If in affliction with Saturn, many hazards and losses. If Jupiter is in affliction of Mars posited in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, native is ugly looking. If in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, hostile to elders of the family.

The Jupiter in Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius lagna, keeps the native from hand to mouth.

If lagna is in barren sign, Jupiter will not promote progney. If lagna is in masculine sign and Jupiter is in feminine sign in 2nd house, absence of posterity.

The Jupiter of Cancer does not give enough to live. This Jupiter is favourable it posited in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. In even signs it is not so good. When afflicted, native is apt to be taken wrongly and misunderstood, hindrances in the way of progress.

3. JUPITER IN 3RD HOUSE: Benefits through brothers, education, literature and publication, travelling and neighbours. Such persons are of refined taste, social, cheerful and considerate. Good in speech and writing and gain through them. Helpful influences and contacts, popular and blessed with fame and wealth including good education. If Jupiter here is in own or friendly signs, the native is wealthy, if aspected by malefics or enemy planets, little gain from brothers. If Jupiter here is in Sagittarius or Pisces gives brothers. If 2nd house lord is strong, longevity to brothers, if conjoins a malefic, loss to brothers, strained relations, impatient and break in education at higher secondary level.

Jupiter in 2nd house gives good college education to the native. Aspects of Sun, Moon or Mercury augments the good results of house.

If in fiery signs, one gets social success. Gain through business, commerce and speculation if in earthy signs. If in Airy signs, mental pursuits. If in Watery signs gives voyages and sea journeys. Afflicted by Mars, makes it unfavourable for all things. If Jupiter is posited in Masculine or Feminine signs, the native is blessed with sons. Masculine signs will bestow power and authority and honour. Jupiter in Aries, Leo, Gemini, Libra or Aquarius is very favourable and develops nobility in the native. This gives incomplete education when Jupiter is in masculine sign. If in Taurus, Virgo or (Capricorn is good for education. If in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, it is better for higher education.

If afflicted, one will hate his brother and relations, bad disposition, wicked deeds and disrespect. Unpractical in daily life one is careless may meet with some troubles, accidents and his eye may lie ruined on account of his carelessness.

4. JUPITER IN 4TH HOUSE: Good and happiness in family and domestic life, favour from parents; will be more benefitted at his birth of native place. Will overcome his difficulties through deep and inner support with the Providential help. Gain of property, good position and success, Fortunate, easy life, happy, gain in business and profession. Good wife, food and conveyance. Respectful to Brahmins and religions. The native is prosperous, handsome, renowed, head of the family, wealthy, cheerful, royal favour, friends. Property, conveyance and wealth.

Libra is the lagna and Jupiter is in the 4th house debilitated it denies male child when 5th house is aspected by Saturn, Moon and Ketu, it blesses only with females. Gain through man older than her age in life. Gain through friends, father is contended, promotes comforts, has good position of power and authority.

If conjoins with strong planets, Venus or Mars or conjoins benefics indicates large heartedness, intelligence, sharp mind, respectable conveyance. Political home, land lord and cultivator. Adverse results if afflicted by association, aspect indicates dependent, death of mother, opposition from brothers and sisters. In masculine signs, results are more favourable but in Feminine signs it is unfavourable it may deny immovable property. Loss of inherited wealth and property. Lives by hard earned money, latter life is happier than former. Loss of wealth through own delusions. If afflicted one should feel more free, thoughtful and avoid extravagances. Loss and troubles through parents and inheritance. Afflicted by Mars indicates danger or loss by fire or accident, by Moon or Sun sudden heart attack or apoplexy. By Mercury, danger of law suits or property etc.

5. JUPITER IN 5TH HOUSE: The native will gain through children, speculations, lottery, financial enterprises. Happiness and gain through love affairs and opposite sex. Dutiful and prosperous children. Intelligent and good position in life, and advisor to others. Learned, charming and eloquent. In female charts, indicates attraction to persons in power and authority and of good financial position. Increase in number of children and gain through them.

The native is sensual, rational in speech, wealthy, prudent, blessed with sons, good friends, scholarly, steady, prosperous, minister and skilled.

Jupiter in 5th house DENIES CHILDREN IF POSITED IN CAPRICORN OR AQUARIUS (TESTED). Few sons in Pisces, in Sagittarius, children after great difficulty it also gives troubles from SONS (TESTED) while in 5th house, 9th house or in 11th house or in lagna.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Tantrik remedial measures are very fruitful as experienced by author even in case of barren women. You can consult for birth of son with the author. Refer author's latest back "PRACTICAL REMEDIAL MEAUSURES" Jupiter in Cancer in 5th house, native is blessed with many daughters. Also Pisces, Sagittarius or Aquarius may deny son.

Such natives are religious, glorious, influential. Gain and success ilirough opposite sex. Fond of good dress, vocal, charitable and affectionate.

If Lord of 5th house conjoins strong planets or posited in house of malefic or in enemy or debilitation sign, loss of son, only son with plenty of wealth. Loss of wealth in litigation with the state. If lord of 5th or this Jupiter is with Rahu or Ketu, death of son due to snake bite. If benefic aspects, gain through sons. In masculine signs, results are favourable and in feminine signs, unfortunate results are indicated.

The native gets full education, if Jupiter is in Aries, Leo, Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. If in Sagittarius, incomplete education. These natives excel in linguistics, Economics, philosophy. Teachers and led urers are more successful. If posited in watery signs, it is fruitless. In Feminine signs, progeny and wealth is denied. If afflicted, loss through gambling, speculation, financial investments, recklessness, and ignorance. May lose good chances of luck and face failures. Obstacles, troubles and insincere relations with opposite sex.

6. JUPITER IN 6TH HOUSE: Many comforts and good health. Victory over the strongest enemies who can not stand before him. Helpful to other if one becomes physician, more financial success, service, subordinates and servants. Cheerful, popular and kind hearted. Gain through politicians. Such persons are sensual and have pleasures with both beautiful women. Famous, wealthy, one can extend healing by touch to others. Gain through religion, philanthropic and social tendencies. One is fond of music and dancing. Danger of enemy at 40th year�s age. Good for health and in case of sickness, one in kindly attended. A very successful doctor.

In feminine signs favour and fortune. Unfavourable to maternal uncles, maids, doctors and lawyers. People are doubtful and uncertain about this native. Such natives are intemperate, interested in wine, women and game of chance. The native does not get patrimony, if Jupiter is lord of 2nd house. Bad for Aries, Virgo, Cancer lagnas. If in Gemini, Libra or Capricorn, one is always in debt, freedom from trouble through Divine help. Of Pisces, makes debtor. If afflicted, one will be psychic, love through inferiors, enemies, servants and reaction on nerves. One will have afflicted health.

7. JUPITER IN 7TH HOUSE : Such persons soon attain a very high status in life. Gain from Govt. His discriminating powers are very fruitful. Very sensual, great pleasures from women. Handsome, cultured, large hearted, eloquent and reputed. Sexy, generous, good orator, the wife dies. This position is not good for married life. It is experienced that alone Jupiter, or afflicted by other planets delays the marriage to fairly advanced age or even denies. It causes bickering and separation also.

In 7th house, native gets a good and faithful partner, promotes social and financial status after marriage. Success in partnerships with friends and business people, if Jupiter is well aspected. If Jupiter here is lord of 2nd or 5th house indicates good fortune. Worried but highly educated, faithful and loving wife.

If 7th house lord is in debilitation, Rahu, Ketu, Saturn or Mars conjoins this Jupiter or it is afflicted by malefics, one has bickerings and disatisfaction in married life, may cause separation or divorce. One enjoys with the opposite sex. If a benefic is with 7th house lord and Jupiter is in Cancer, Sagittarius or Pisces blesses the native with only one wife, plenty of wealth and happiness through her. Reputation in 34th years of life. The Jupiter gives favourable results in masculine signs. If in Aries. Gemini, Leo of Sagittarius, one gets good and full education. If Sun is also strong, the native may be a teacher, lawyer, barrister and even chief Justice. Good for service in education Dept. If Jupiter is in Gemini, Leo or Aquarius, the native is distressed for want of male child, barren or fail to survive. If posited in Taurus, Virgo, Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, one is unfortunate, strifes between partners, either the wife disappears or separates. If in Libra, or Capricorn, more than one marriage is indicated. Jupiter in Feminine signs, inclines to business, loves his wife and son but considerate to other women also. In Masculine signs little attachment for wife. A debauchee by mind, speech and deeds. Consider women inferior to animals. If in Cancer, his wife is noble, a good advisor, obedient, kind, pleasant bed fellow, death of wife in the middle age. (Subject to check of other factors and horoscope of wife also). If afflicted indicates marriage troubles, due to self WILL and pride. Separation, divorce. Marriage is delayed or denied, partner WILL be lazy and egoistic.

8. JUPITER IN 8TH HOUSE : If the native acts as per his conscience and believes in prudence, he will be blessed with occult powers, clear dreams, natural and peaceful death. Long life, learned and no enemies. Gain through marriage and property, partner and inheritance. Such persons do not stay with his father. Long life but impaired health. Steady and well formed, one may remain gloomy, immodest, irrational, wicked and debauchee. Fickle mind, pilgrimage. If Jupiter is in his own sign or friendly sign, one dies in peace otherwise troublesome death with various diseases. If in Taurus, of sharp pain in stomach. If in Gemini, ear trouble, if in Cancer, dies at the hands of his own people. In Leo, of cholera, in Virgo of dysentery if in Libra, by his own servants, in Scorpio, of blood poisoning. If in Sagittarius, of fall. If in Capricorn death by kind, in Aquarius, under stale orders and in Pisces, death due to over eating It may be in any sign, death in unbearable. II afflicted, indicates heart trouble, blood poisoning, tumor, cancer or consumption.

If 8th house lord is in 3rd house (8th to 8th), native is shortlived, base acts if associated with benefics. If it is weak, native is long lived.

If Jupiter is in exalted or own sign, the native has long gain of wealth. If weak, one is healthy, industrious, scholarly and learned in Vedas.

Jupiter is favourable in Masculine signs, it gives troubles in 7-17-21, 28-35, 9, 18, 27, 36th years of age. In Feminine signs, such Jupiter is unfavourable in 3-6-9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30-33th years of age. Family secrets pass out. If posited in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini or Libra, one faces imprisonment, due to strife, patrimony or legacy. If in Sagittarius or Gemini wealth through succession, through property security of a lady. If Jupiter is in Scorpio or Aquarius, no special gain through marriage, retardation in business and industry, loss or legacy. In Cancer, Jupiter makes one a debtor, loss of wealth, and liquidation of patrimony.

9. JUPITER IN 9TH HOUSE : Jupiter in 9th house has an exceptionally favourable influence in whole birth chart. Extra-ordinarly beneficial for religious life and attainment of power. Zealous, logical, broad out look and liberal, justice and love for all. This position always gives a PROVIDENTIAL HELP at the time of some difficulty. Helpful to weaker section, religious and charitable. Good intuition, clear foresight, prophetic dreams, good publications, author, internationally renowned, one is wealthy, good rank in life. Powerful, learned, and zealous. One gets higher education and is optimistic. Success in all kinds and spheres. Respectful to Sadhus, Saints and pilgrimage. Blessed with sons. Ideal man, wealthy, devoted to family, tradition and culture. Fond of occult sciences. Popular amongst women. Wealth from more than one source. Renowned at international level. Jupiter in 9th or 5th house indicates worries from son (TESTED).

Jupiter in 9th house is ideal for saints, philosophers. If in good aspect to Sun, Moon and Mercury, the native has power and authority, well developed higher mind, prophetic dreams, good for travel abroad. The Jupiter is favourable in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, or Pisces, one is sanguine by temperament, sound by character and has noble thoughts. One is highly educated. He gets a good status in the society and Govt; In Taurus Virgo, Capricorn takes the native to realms of science and gains success in educational pursuits. If in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, one will be publisher, Editor, printer. If of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, one will be judge, lawyer or legal authority. In Masculine signs it is not good for brothers and sisters. In Feminine signs it gives many brothers, rivals, trouble through sons and against partnership of brothers.

When afflicted, leads to enemies and opponents as well as morals. Difficulty in living according to his sources and ideals. Also one becomes arrogant, loss and troubles through travelling. If afflicted by Mars, danger through fire, accident or in journey.

One becomes a fanatic, legal troubles, troubles and extreme in religious matters. By Saturn, delays and troubles in psychic and religious attainments, loss through journeys and relations. It develops over-confidence in him and thoughtlessness.

10. JUPITER IN 10TH HOUSE : Jupiter is 10th house except in depression sign is an excellent position. It blesses the native with good power and authority and fame. Good morals, high position, all round success. Gain through occupation and political life, honour and gain from superiors and persons in authority, social and financial success. If Mercury is favourable, good judge, minister, administrator, ambassador, a good political standard, position of trust, fame and financial success to the maximum.

The native is blessed with public recognition and support, calm, benevolent, a good advisor and helpful to others. One will have good moral conduct.

One owns a good residential property and conveyance, glamorous and conqueror. It indicates much success and prosperity, rise in life, name, fame and favour from superiors. Dignifies status, good will, political and financial recognition.

If jupiter is afflicted by Mars, causes legal troubles, and heavy losses. By saturn indicates down fall, obstacles and losses. By Moon or Sun, little social success or financial gain, publicity and much changes and travels. By Mercury, ordinary position, loss or discredit through dishonesty.

On the whole, an afflicted Jupiter indicates a weak social life, harmful to good character, reckless actions, disturbed relations with others due to misunderstanding. Loss and troubles caused by subordinates. Jupiter in Gemini, Cancer, Libra or Aquarius indicates unfavourable results. In other signs it is favourable. Jupiter in Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius indicates loss to father, dispute, unfortunate partnership between them. Debt, imprisonment, hardships etc, if in feminine signs. In Masculine signs, favourable.

11. JUPITER IN 11TH HOUSE : Faithful, true, honest and beneficial friends. Gain through politicians and persons in authority.

Wealthy, honour and fame. Good position and gain from elderly people. Leading and good position in life. Accumulation of wealth. Gain from wife. If in cardinal signs, progress and executive ability in fixed signs, jealously and pride amongst, friends. In common signs, scientific, religious friends and gain through them. Ideal brotherhood in society. Jupiter when strong also indicates a native for whom nothing is unattainable on this earth. Victory over enemies. Income from many ways. Long life, brave and wealthy. Blessed with sons, happy and prosperous, scholarly and has good reputation through many sources. If Jupiter is in fixed signs, native is glorious, in cardinal signs, enterprising and progressive and in common signs scientific and righteous. In Jupiter conjoins, or in good aspect with Saturn, gainful attachments, with Sun, name, fame, power and authority. With Moon, gain through travels and social life. If afflicted, person should use love and tact to attain his object. Remain moderate and not over Zealous. He should reconcile with adverse situations. The above good results are reversed. Unfavourable Jupiter here causes disputes with sons who are wicked and quarrelsome particularly if Jupiter is in Cancer, Virgo or in own signs. Separation, bickerings with wife or husband or even may give second marriage. Loss in business, imprisonment, disrepute and poverty.

12. JUPITER IN 12TH HOUSE : Success over troubles and in occult studies and science. Success in seclusion, victory over enemies and gain through them. Reversals followed by success. Peculiar experiences in regards to affection, religion, political and foreign affairs which may cause gain in the end. Gain from secret alliances like C.I.D. or C.B.I, etc. Native is egoistic. Such persons have their eyes on wealth of others. Wicked hostile to relations, vicious, not much respected. Extravagant, short tempered, uncharitable, gain through patrimony. Worry through conveyance. Of quarrelsome nature not much popular, devoid of male child, arrogant, immoral, fond of opposite sex. In Scorpio and Virgo, Jupiter acts as unfavourable.

If Jupiter is exalted or in own sign in 12th house, one gets abundant wealth, disputes with own people, strife, large expenses, spends on religious activities, charitable, one is a patriot. Gain through occult studies, through generous and charitable acts. Gain through affection, religion, political or legal affairs. If afflicted, one will do sinful deeds, oppositions and loss by enemies, moral attacks, indolents and careless. Spends his money in charity and pleasure or in dancing etc.