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According to sage Kalidasa, Ketu owns Scorpio, exlated in Scorpio, debilitated in Taurus, and its mooltrikona sign is Virgo. Its friendly signs are Libra, and Capricorn, inimical signs are Cancer and Leo and its neutral signs are Aries, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Ketu is considered basically a malefic planet, but when posited in 3rd house, exalted or in own signs indicates benefic results. Check lord or constellation in which Ketu is posited under whose sway, it will act.

Rahu and Ketu indicate, love affairs, evil thoughts, dissatisfaction, fear complex, sensual nature, illegal cohabitation harsh speech, pilgrimage, may cause denial of progney and may adopt, amputation of body parts, injury, delays, obstacles and disfavour of superiors and Govt; Change of residence, wicked and harsh temperament. Worries due to children. Financial gain and success, fame and stammering when Ketu aspects 2nd house.

1. KETU IN 1ST HOUSE : Such natives are inclined to tribulation, loss and scandals, endangers the face and eye. It is not condusive to longevity. One is devoid of happiness, avaricious, industrious, valumtuous and worried. Domestic happiness is impaired. Position of Ketu in Capricorn or Aquarius mitigates the evils, blessed with property.

Also indicates constant distress through relations, and dread of vicious. Perturbed, wife suffering from restlessness, and may cause death of partner. Ungrateful, wicked, dismissed from service. Spinister, afraid of sex and danger to eyes.

2. KETU IN 2ND HOUSE : Ketu here in Aries, Gemini or Virgo is most favourable and beneficial. It bestows happiness and gain of wealth. If Ketu is in own or friendly sign, native is sweet and soft spoken. A successful guy.

One is perturbed about his wealth lest Govt takes it away as penalty. Strife and opposition with friends and family members. Harsh speech, one remains mentally agitated, effective speech in assembly. Critics, association with low class opposite sex. Want of education, cast vile looks and dependent. Trouble in the mouth.

3. KETU IN 3RD HOUSE : The native will be intelligent, courageous, destroyer of enemy, good for finances, one is affluent, sensual and sharp. If Ketu is in own sign or exalted indicates much happiness, skilled, long lived, fame, fortunate partner and benefits from brothers.

Otherwise indicates mental anxiety, troubles from friends, brother and neighbours. Unprofitable journeys. Loss of brother. Long life but injury and wound to arms. Break in education before college level.

The native is patient, brave, generous* weak Ketu denies happiness. Of Leo or Sagittarius indicates heart troubles, deafness, painful, wound in the shoulders. If in Pisces, one is expert in spiritualism.

Debilitated Ketu (in Taurus) indicates mental worries, troubles, with brothers and neighbours and unprofitable journeys.

4. KETU IN 4TH HOUSE : Ketu exalted in 4th house (For Leo lagna), in benefic house or sign and well aspected, gain of conveyance, Raja yoga. Sudden gain if in Sagittarius or Pisces. Inheritance from ancestors. Much family strife and discord. Gain of property. All matters of 4th house are benefitted. Help and support of relatives.

Ketu in 4th house indicates turmoils, family discord, loss of paternal property. One is denied the full support and benefit of parents. Loss through friends. One criticises others, much unpleasantness and misunderstanding. One is unfit in Assembly. One is valiant, truth loving and opulence.

Support from parents and Ketu if posited in Leo or Scorpio. If in debilitation, loss of wealth, travelling. Ailing mother, troubles through step mother, jeopardizes the family honour and credit.

5. KETU IN 5TH HOUSE: Good fortune and happiness, if Ketu is in Leo, Sagittarius, Pisces or Scorpio indicates Raja yoga or head of monastry. If exalted or in own sign or strong and well aspected indicates gains through speculation, impressive sermoniser, inclination for holy pilgrimage and foreign travels.

In other signs Ketu indicates adverse for all matter of 5th house. Denial or shortage of children, more daughters, little happiness from children as they will be disobedient. Excessive or irregular pleasures will bring much harm. Evil nature, stomach disease, influence of evil spirits. Good education but worried. Loss through fraud. One is wicked. Injuries due to fall from high place. Disputes with brothers.

6. KETU IN 6TH HOUSE : If Ketu is strong in 6th house indicates fixity of purpose, over all good health, childhood is not happy particularly when Mercury is afflicted. Much liked by relations, uncordial with maternal uncles. Large hearted, skilled, reputed, honour and fame through knowledge. Financial gain, firm, high officer, enjoys expediency. Gain, success, pleasures and wealth. Successful in most heated debates and discussions. Victory over enemies.

Otherwise one will suffer from bad health, loss through enemies and opponents. Wrath of officers, unfaithful servants, loss through small animals, danger from insects and reptiles. Eye troubles and teeth needs care against any disease. Many enemies but one will overcome them.

7. KETU IN 7TH HOUSE : Ketu in Scorpio indicates good finances, best gain and happiness from wealth.

Ketu in 7th house indicates loss through partnership, troubled married life, famous, danger through reptiles or enemies, but victory over enemies, aimless travelling, may cause separation from wife, illicit connection with opposite sex, avaricious, adulterous, more expenditure, loss of vitality. Fear from thiefs. Strained family relations, immodest, loss of wealth, and seminal trouble.

8. KETU IN 8TH HOUSE: Ketu in 8th indicates native is brilliant in games, in his jobs, by character and happiness. If posited in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo or Scorpio, financial gain through Govt; If in Taurus, wealth and son. Aspected by benefics, native gets wealth and is long lived. Gain from conveyance, if in Cancer, Virgo or Gemini. Ketu, otherwise indicates loss through fraud, sudden or violent death. Wounds, separation from loved ones, stomach trouble and opposition of enemies. The native bas desire for other's property and wives. Brave and industrious, suffers from secret disease. Danger from conveyance, hindrances in return of loans, vicious and greedy. If well aspected by a benefic, then long life and wealthy.

9. KETU IN 9TH HOUSE : Ketu in 9th house keeps one free from many troubles and calamities, blessed with sons, fortune through foreigners, accountable pain and sickness. Satisfaction through asceticism and benevolence. May be a king or a minister. Has fame, glory, wisdom, generosity, kindness and devotion.

The native overcomes anguish, valiant, well armed but feels absence of friends. Wealth, piety and modesty. Worried about relations and sons.

Also indicates, unfortunate voyages, curious dreams, troubles and danger of imprisonment in foreign land. Worried, religious hypocrite, intelligent, courageous, wealthy pilgrimage and unhappiness from brothers and father, when afflicted etc.

10. KETU IN 10TH HOUSE: Ketu in Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo or Aries indicates victory over enemies, intelligent, self realisation, social, wealthy, brave, challenging and much travelling. In Pisces or Sagittarius, it grants greatest honour and recognition, wise, authority on scriptures, living in foreign land, and many victories. If Aquarius, Virgo, Gemini or Taurus is amiable and gives ordinary results. If in movable signs, not favourable for business, fortune in foreign land.

It also indicates if afflicted, loss of position due to deception, treachery and adverse public conditions such as sudden depression, changes or failures. One is courageous, pushing, popular and brilliant. Has philosophical bent of mind. No happiness from father, of questionable character. Many journeys and travels, obstacles but to overcome accidents from conveyance.

11. KETU IN 11TH HOUSE : The native is wealthy, popular, good authority, gain and success, good deeds and commands respect. Licentious and has influences of opposite sex. Disease of stomach and anus.

The native is reputed, charming, a happy, lucky, house property. Affluent, generous, skilled in aesthetics and archery. Sweat, pleasant and humorous, learned, prospers, imposing fortunate with jewellery, dress and ornaments. Fond of literature and contended.

If Ketu here is posited in Aries, Taurus, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces or aspected by Venus or Jupiter, one is especially benefitted, success and gain in business, state honour, flourishing, God's grace. Success and quick gain every where. Spends on noble cause, active and perfect.

Ketu in 11th is unfortunate in respect of progney, undesirable association, opportunities are missed, hopes are unfulfilled, misguided by unfaithful friends.

12. KETU IN 12TH HOUSE: If Ketu conjoins Mercury, it brings success and gain in business. Affluent like a king, poet and learned in shastras. If exalted, in own sign or with Jupiter, skilled, gentle and ascetic. If strong with Venus, native worships goddess of power. If with Venus or Moon, adulterous and vicious.

One is eloquent in speech, beautiful eyes, high education, destroys enemies, Ailments of private parts, feet, rectum. Mentally upset, unsteady and immodest. Secret enemies. Imprisonment, indisposed and self undoing. More expenditure. Secretive, sinful deeds. One is weak and volumptuous.