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17. 01. 2019
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In addition to general principles & norms recommended for a lucky flat, the following objectives must also be fulfilled, to ensure happiness & wealth:

1. Mental peace.

2. Affectionate relations.

3. Good education of children.

4. Family Happiness.

5. Good health.

6. Good profession.

7. Good financial gain.

8. Development of harmony.

1. Mental peace:

Main bed room: Provide bed in the South-West corner of the room, in South direction. Always keep head on Southern side to enable magnetic energy to enter in the head through your feet in the North direction. This will ensure regular & smooth blood circulation, good health, good power essential for decision making and improved mental energy. Old persons should sleep on left side so that energy is improved, which destroys impact to cough & vata. On right side, the solar energy is depressed & causes pitta.

2. Affectionate relations:

Rooms for other members of the family should be allocated as under to ensure affectionate relations:

Rooms for new Couple : North side room.

Room for daughter : North-West room.

Room for son : South-East side room.

Room for parents : South-West side room.

Room for Children : North or East or NE side room.

Masters bed room : South side room.

Study room : North-East side. Face East while studying.

Children should keep their heads in the West direction, so that when they get up, their face is towards Eastern side. Other persons should keep their heads in Southern side. In case there is some imbalance, provide mirror in North-East direction. For students, they should face East side. This arrangement will ensure good health & intelligency and affectionate relations.

3. Good education of children:

For children North-East room is best. They should sit in the North-East corner of the room and should face East direction during the course of their study. Their beds should be provided in the South-West corner of the room and keep their heads on Western side. This arrangement will provide higher type of intelligency & good education for children.

4. Family happiness:

It is most essential for domestic peace & progress. Family disputes, conflicts always take place under the following circumstances:

When there is water tank, well or any other sources in the South-West direction of the flat, it causes sickness & depression.

When there is a door in the South, West or South-West direction of the flat. Such a door causes family dispute.

As such the water supply source in South-West & also a door in the same direction should be closed.

5. Good health:

To ensure adequate energy supply to your mind & body, keep your head in South direction & leg in the North direction. This arrangement will ensure good health. Those suffering from mental problem of any type should be kept in a room in East direction and bed in South-West corner without touching wall. Energies required for good health are coming from Sun in East, Earth in centre, North Pole & South pole. Always keep ventilation & windows open in the East & NE direction & ensure maximum use of this area. Imbalance in NE- causes cold, in SE causes Pitta, in North-West- causes Vata & Centre causes cough.

6. Good profession:

Always keep your face towards East direction either in flat or office while discussing some important problem or taking some decision. Since the Sun rises in the East, facing East-side, ensures good health & good power for decision making which is essential for professional development.

7. Good financial gain:

A flat should be lucky enough to ensure good financial gain. Follow the following procedure prescribed in Vastu Sastra to ensure financial gain.

North direction is ruled by Kubera & North-East by water lord.

So provide some water sources, water tank & keep some water in North or North-East direction.

Also keep your money, gold, ornaments etc in the same direction. Provide a Bilva plant in North-West direction. This arrangement wi

ll ensure financial gain & prosperity to the owner of the flat.

8. Development of harmony:

Each direction of the flat is owned by a planet and the concerned planet regulate that direction according to his nature. In addition each planet has been assigned a colour. So if that prescribed colour is used in that direction of the flat, harmony is assured. In case some problems are felt in the room, in that direction, use the gemstone of the planet.

Special Notes:

Astrological norms should be applied for all purposes.

Entry into the flat should be in most auspicious mahurata prescribed in Astrology.

The Mahurata should be synchronized with the natal chart of the native.

A garden in the North or West direction is most benefic & improves living conditions. However a rock garden may be provided in South-West portion.

Blocks or flats with basement are considered malefic.

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