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As per the Vastu rules, while constructing a building it must be located in such a way that it receives the maximum benefit from the solar and cosmic energies. Thus the orientation attains a vital part. The various directions are:

North, South, East, West, NorthEast, NorthWest, SouthEast and SouthWest. Every corner is again divided into 2 sides. Namely:

  NorthEast - East North EastNorth North East  
  SouthEast - East South East South South East  
  NorthWest - West North WestNorth North West  
  SouthWest - South South West West South West  

The NorthEast corner is stated to receive the cosmic energy, which is a combination of energy from different planets apart from sun, in abundance. And from there it moves in the opposite direction i.e to the SouthWest.


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