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Vastushastra is most ancient science, recorded in Hindu Vedas and many ancient books. It involves knowledge of Agama Sastra, Tantra Sastra, geometry, architecture, engineering, geology, yoga, Vedanta and Astrology. It is a science of directional strength & energies applied for the benefit of native.

In ancient days, it was extensively applied for all types of buildings, structures and also residential houses. In those days flat culture was not in existence. So in ancient record, there is no reference of its application to modern system of flat culture, which is now most popular in big cities of India.

Flats are most popular in big cities, because these flats are economical, safe, easy to acquire and develops cooperative skill among the dwellers. But such flats lacks lot of norms, which are essential for the benefit of the native. Hence about 80% dwellers have to suffer in one way or the other. This problem has necessitated adoption of norms of flats, based mainly on balancing of directional strength & energies. This adoption definitely improves the benefic nature of the flat & gradually eliminates malefic influence.

In flats or apartments, you have no choice of changing approach road, passage to flat, main door, gallery, location of rooms, kitchen, W.C., bath, puja room, study room & other provisions.

It ensures happy & healthy, living conditions in the flats. This is possible only when natural energies influence the flat. These natural energies are free gifts and are derived from Sun, North Pole and South Pole of earth-which are stored with all type of magnetic powers.

Benefits of Vastu

— Ensure good mental peace.

— Ensures affectionate relations with members of family.

— Ensures good education of children.

— Ensures family happiness.

— Ensures good health.

— Ensures good profession.

— Ensures good financial gain.

Factors to be examined:

1. Shape of the plot on which flats are built.

2. Road around the society flats.

3. Position of drinking water facilities, water tank & tube well.

4. Flat number.

5. Direction of the main door.

6. Nala or drain carrying dirty water & rain water.

7. Vacant area in the North & North- East directions.

8. Lay out of the flat.

9. Ventilation.

10. Windows.

11. Dumping of waste.

12. Stair cases.

13. Garage or parking area.

14. Lighting.

15. Beams in the flat/rooms.

16. Toilet.

17. Kitchen.

18. Sound.

19. Electrical motors & fire fighting equipments.

20. Electrical appliances.

21. Heavy furniture.

22. Light furniture.

23. Temple.

24. Photos.

25. Indoor plants.

26. Heavy trees.

27. Overhead tanks.

28. Wooden partitions.

29. Mirrors.

30. Store.

31. Lord Ganesh.

The plot:

— A square plot is most favourable.

— A rectangular plot is 75% benefic.

— A plot having extension in North-East is satisfactory.

— A plot having corporation roads towards South-West direction is only 50% benefic.

— A plot having higher level than roads is benefic.

— A plot having corporation roads towards South-West direction is only 50% benefic.

— Plot facing North or East are most benefic.

— Plot should have vacant space on East, North & North-East direction is most benefic. It allows free flow of energies.

— A plot in the North-East corner of roads is also benefic.

Notes: It is benefic only when there is no. construction in extended portion. With construction it becomes 100% malefic.

Notes: All plots of unequal sizes, Circular, triangular, with extension in West-direction or odd shapes are malefic. Also a plot near temple & burial ground & also roads crossing.

Roads around society plot:


— Corporation road opposite plot is benefic specially in North-East direction.

— Corporation road towards South-West is only 50% benefic.

— Two roads along with North & East direction of the plot are most benefic.

— Three roads around the plot create malefic influence.

— A road adjoining the flat and is blocked in the end is most malefic.

— Intersecting roads opposite the Society flats are malefic.

— However the road factor can be balanced by Vastu application in the flat, specially in the concerned direction.

Notes: Its is most benefic when sufficient vacant space is provided in North & East direction.

Position of Drinking Water facilities, Water Tank and Tube Well:


— Water tank of the Society should always be in the North-East direction because water elements is located in North-East direction.

— This position will ensure regular water supply and also supply of good drinking water.

— Such a location will ensure no obstruction, no wastage, less maintenance and less operation problems.

— This position is most benefic as the God of water have been assigned this direction.

— If a small water tank or pot or storage system is provided in North-East direction, it proves to be very lucky, and ensures sufficient water supply & ensure good health & wealth.

— Tube well or bore well should also be provided in the North-East direction of the flat.

Flat Number:

Although this is not part of Vastu, but it is most essential to synchronise the flat number with your lucky number. The lucky number & its friendly number can be ascertained as under:

— Benefic numbers in general are as under:

= 1, 7, 5, 3, 6

— Benefic number according to your birth date:

e.g. 1 = 1, 16 = 7 , 24 = 6 2 = 2 ,17 =8 ,25 = 7 10 = 1 ,18 = 9, 26 = 8 11 = 2, 19 = 1, 27 = 9 12 = 3, 20 = 2, 28 = 1 13 = 4, 21 = 3, 29 = 2 14 = 5, 22 = 4, 30 = 3 15 = 6, 23 = 5 ,31 = 4

Reduce the number of your birth date, birth month & birth year and convert them into one single digit.

— Synchronise the birth date number with the benefic number. If it is not so benefic, select a number indicated by your name used for purchasing the flat.

— If the flat is joint name use the date of birth number or name’s numerical number of the first allottee/ buyer.

— In case your date of birth number (excluding the numerical number of month & year) is lucky enough, adopt this number.

— In case of any difficulty, you can ascertain the number which is given by the initial letter of your forename eg. Rakesh the number for ’R’ will be 2, which is a negative number of Moon, so do not adopt it.

— In case you have no choice for the flat number, the Vastu can be applied for balancing the directional strength inside the flat.

— For ascertaining the good luck through the flat in the society, determine the numerical number of the society & synchornise with your number. If it is a friendly number, the flat in that society will be lucky.

Direction of the Main Door

Society plot & flats should be in East or North facing to ensure maximum energy to enter in the society & flats. So the best position of the main gate should be North or East direction of the Society or the flat.


— South of South-West main gate is always malefic and also East of South-East.

— Keep South-West directions closed to avoid leakage of energy.

— Main gate should always be in East of North-East direction.

— In case it is not possible, provide a smaller gate in the East of North-East direction.

— Main gate is most important for ensuring adequate inflow of directional strength & energies.

— In case main the door of the flat is in the wrong direction provide a wooden partition 6’ x 3’ at a distance of about 3’ – 4’ of the main door.

— Remember the main gate should always be in the 4/9th part of East wall joining North wall.

Nala or drain carrying dirty water or rain water:

Such a nala should be in South, West or South-West direction of the Society plot. Such a nala in any other direction of the Society plot is most malefic & causes sickness and unhappiness to all the dwellers of the Society. In such cases the malefic impact should be balanced by planning heavy trees on the society’s plot in North or NW direction and also some benefic plants in the flat.

Vacant area:

Sufficient Vacant area is essential around the Society plot and flat. This is essential to ensure inflow of adequate energy from East & NE direction:


— Sun rises in the East direction & its energy gradually transfer from East to West direction, till then the western part will remain cool. As such maximum open space in the East & NE direction is essential to ensure entry of the energy. This area should never be obstructed by other buildings or structures.

— When the Sun rises in the East, East direction becomes magnetized & it ensures protection from vata, pitta & cough.

— Any imbalance or obstruction of energy will cause sickness and deterioration of health specially cold, cough, pitta, blood disorder etc.

— So regulation of cosmic energy is essential by keeping some area vacant in Eastern side of the flat.

— However it is most benefic to keep more vacant space in East direction.

— Imbalance in centre will cause cough & cold.

— Imbalance of North-West Area (NO. 1) will cause blood pressure & disorder of Vata.

— Imbalance of North- West Area (No. 3) will cause severe cold & cough.

— Imbalance of SE area (No. 9) will cause severe pitta dosha and diabetes.

— Remember that Solar energy passes from North Pole to South pole. So to keep fit always keep your head in South direction. It ensures long life, good health and protection from lack of blood, weakness. This ensures maximum positive energies.

Layout of Flat:

A Flat consists of several parts. Their benefic & malefic location should be properly examined.


— Provide ventilation in South side direction of flat.

— Ventilation in west side gives warm air.


— Windows are important to regulate the entry of cosmic energy into the flat.

— Windows are benefic if provided in North & East direction of the flat. This is good for wealth & health. Keep open these windows.

— Windows in Southern & Western side should be covered by thick curtains. These are always malefic and indicate sickness and bad health.

— Windows on North & Eastern side should be provided with soft & thin curtains only.

Dumping of Waste:

Do not dump waste in North-East and North directions. Such dumping will block the free flow of fresh energy. You can dump waste in South, West & South-West directions.

Stair Cases:

Stair cases are essential in Duplex flats and their location & direction plays important part in improving the performance of flat:


— Stair cases in left of the main entrance are benefic.

— Stair cases in right of the main entrance are most malefic. It causes obstruction to the main entrance.

— Stair cases may be provided in the South East corner of the flat.

Remedy: Provide fine indoor plants in front of the staircase and also in both sides. These should be watered & maintained carefully.

Garage or parking area:

A garage in North-East direction of the flat is considered malefic. Keep the car in the open space in the society or a garage in the North-West direction.


Proper lighting of each room is essential.


— If the size of room is in the ratio of 1 x 2 or so, it is benefic and no remedial measures are necessary.

— In case the size of the room is in the ratio of 1 x 3 or 1 x 4, it is malefic and remedial measures are essential.

— To remove the defect of lighting in the room, provide mirrors on East wall and North wall of each room which ever is longer.

Beams in the Rooms:

Any beam over your head is malefic. So do not provide bed, reading table or sofa, or study table or dining table under the beams. It causes serious impact over the mind, specially students, old person and sick persons. If the beans cannot be avoided, conceal them by artificial ceilings or wooden extra roof.


A toilet in the North-East is malefic. In such a case provide a mirror on Northern or Eastern wall. A toilet in the North-East direction will cause losses or even heavy losses. A toilet in the North-West direction is considered benefic and it ensures good health & wealth.


Kitchen involves fire element. So provide a kitchen in South-East portion of the flat. If it is not possible than shift the kitchen platform to South-East corner of the kitchen.

— Face east while cooking.

— Provide a mirror on East wall.

— Place gas cylinder along with the Eastern wall in South-East corner of the kitchen. Keep the cooking range also in South-East portion.

— Kitchen or kitchen platform in North-East or South-West corner is always malefic.


Sound also produces energy and is good for mental peace & happiness. However the continous sound is malefic. It is always benefic to play cassets of Bhajan’s in the flat. However sound created by the door, being closed with a bang is malefic. So the door sound should be minimum by closing it softly.

Electrical motors or fire fighting equipments:

Always provide in South-East direction of your flat.

Electrical Appliances:

All type of electrical appliances -floorfans, table lamp, Computers, faxmachine, television, fridge, washing machine, air coolers, micro-oven, Air Conditioners- should be provided in South-East area of rooms.

Heavy furniture:

It is always benefic to keep heavy furniture items Sofa sets, double beds, steel cupboards, heavy pots of indoor plants in South-West direction. Never provide such items in the North-East SE or NW directions or centre of any room. Avoid keeping heavy items in the centre of any room.

Light furniture:

Light furniture may be kept in the North and East direction of the room or the North-East direction of the flat-just opposite heavy furniture.

Temple in the flat or a small Puja room:

Puja room should be in the kitchen and should never be in bed room. It may be in Eastern side of the drawing room or in the North-East corner.


— Photos of Saints/sages on Eastern wall.

— Photos of Gods on Northern wall or Eastern wall.

— Photos of landscaps on Eastern wall.

— Photos of dead relatives-on Southern wall.

— Photos of dead leaders-on Southern wall.

— Photos of gardens, rocks, mountains-on Southern & Western walls.

— Never provide photos of dead relatives in Puja room.

— Avoid photos of war, violence, death, etc in any room of the flat.

Indoor plants or Herbal plants.

— Provide in the East, North & NE direction of the flat.

— Never provide cactus & thorny plants.

— Rose plants can be provided in South-East direction.

— Bilva plant and Tulsi plants are most benefic.

— Champa, Margosa, Sirisa, are also benefic.

Heavy trees:

May be provided in South-West direction, specially- Ashoka, Lemon, heavy leaves trees. This is possible for, ground floor flats only.

Overhead tank for flat:

It should be provided in the west or the South-West portion of the flat. It should never be provided in the Northern portion of the flat, because it will imbalance the load.

Wooden partitions:

Where ever the direction does not suit, provide a wooden partition & also relocate the doors or provide mirror. Treat every room in the flat as an independent plot. Always use teak wood if possible.


Mirrors are essential and should specially be provide on the E3ast wall or the North-East portion of the flat or rooms. Size should be square or rectangular.


Provide a store in the West or North-West. Such a store is considered lucky.

Lord Ganesh:

— Ensure that trunk of Lord Ganesh is towards your left side. This type of Ganesh is considered auspicious.

— Lord Ganesh of any type of should not be provided in any room. It can be provided on the compound wall or in such a way that it’s back is towards the road.