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Power Symbols in Feng Shui

Double Happiness Symbol Plate
One of the most powerful and widely recognized symbols for marital happiness is the Double Happiness Symbol. This symbol is depicted in a bright red colour since red enhances love and romance in a person's life. In China, this symbol is carved on chairs and bedroom furniture. It can also be printed on fabrics for dresses.

The Double Happiness Symbol signifies undying love. it can be placed under the mattress of the maried couple. It can also be hung or displayed on the south west area of the bedroom. The double happiness symbol is an easy and nice way to enhance relations with your spouse.

Mystic Knot Symbol Plate

The Mystic Knot is also called the love knot. It has neither the beginning and nor the end. It is said to swallow its own tail. It reflects the Buddhisht ideology that existence is and endless cycle of birth and rebirth. In spiritual tradition, this symbol is ver often regarded as a lucky symbol, but at a less than spiritual or earthly level it is regarded as the perfect symbol of never ending love andunity amongst family members.

It also represents a long life uninterrupted by heartbreaks, separations, sufferings or setbacks. The mystic knot is red in colour and it can be placed in the south west corner of your bedroom. This enhances the relationship of the couple. If you are looking at improving the relationship between family members, the mystic knot should be displayed in the south west corner of the living room. If placed in the south west of the office, it ensures harmony between the staff members and the boss. It symbolises that the employees will be loyal and the employe will be more considerate.

Double Eight Symbol Plate

To the Chinese, the sound of 8, paat is very close to fatt, which means Prosperity and Abundance. The figure 8 is also known as the symbol of Infinity. Putting these two together, you have Endless Prosperity, i.e., the Prosperity that goes on forever. There are also eight immortals and eight triangles of the I-Ching or book of changes, and ancient Chinese System of Divination. Eighty- Eight also resembles the Chinese pictograph for "Double Happiness." Place in your Wealth Area (for back left corner or the South East) of the office or shop for accelerated abundance-but the best position would be your Sheng-Qi-Success Direction.

The figure 8 is also a Remedial Symbol to help balance occupants when negative symbols or a bad Feng Shui house affects them. The use of Two Eights just doubles the effectiveness of the cure. When a house has Feng Shui design problems- a corner is missing or a wall creates an obstacle, it is suggested to use an 88-to create space and harmony, instead of using mirrors which only create the illusion of space. The 88 symbol is also used universally to help create a flow of energy and unblock stagnant chi.