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The Dragon is one of the oldest of all symbolic animals and is considered the bringer of wealth and celestial dignity.dragon

The Shen Lung is the Celestial Dragon revered as a heralder of good tidings and abundance. The Dragon is ambitious & symbolizes an ever present drive and determination. Bearing the pearl of prosperity in its talon, the magnificent Dragon of life embraces your world, with his life-giving energies.

The imperial Dragon signifies power and forges ahead, no matter what the obstacles are, it will not let any opportunity to pass by. The guardianship qualities of the Dragon is so infinite that this benevolent and faithful creature pledges its life to protect its owner from harm.

It is entrusted to protect the land of the gods, and is unarguably the most powerful seat of power and bestows infinite authority over its possessor and most suitable for all those in management positions.

The Dragon, symbol of vigilance and safeguard, is the spirit of change, like life itself.

The Dragon of fame and fortune is believed to bring luck as he coils and moves through your life. Holding the pearl of prosperity in its talon, the Dragon is always a welcome addition in any home/office. It is said that this Dragon is always ready to help anyone who needs it. The pearl in its claw is said to hold untold riches, not only in the form of physical wealth, but also happiness and wisdom.

Best suited for bringing in more customers to any type of business or service, it is ideal for each and everyone, in it's own way. Traditionally placed in East, gives ideal results when positioned in your Sheng Chi direction. Place it behind you in office/ workplace, if you need support. To bring you instant luck, take a small Dragon figurine with you, wherever you go.
Dragon With Pearl
Dragon With Pearl
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