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Pagoda Tower

Education tower shall be kept on the study table of students. It enhances the education corner and convert negative energy into positive energy and is a must to keep item for students.
The education tower or the education tower is said to possess certain powers which helps to transform unruly minds into well-disciplined minds. It is good enhancer for those who wish to achieve academic success.

The chinese education tower has evolved form the Buddhist stupa, which is considered as a sacred object. You can place a pagoda in a child's room to increase his/her concentration in studies and also to reduce his/her boisterous behavious. The education tower is a said to have the power tokeep away anything that could distract the mind. It is very useful for childern with distractive minds and for those who luck proper concentration.

  The Pagoda is popularly known as Education Tower, in Feng Shui. The Pagoda Tower is believed to bring great Knowledge and advancement in Education, for the owner.

In Chinese the number 9 is seen to be very lucky. This is because it means 'sufficient', 'plenty' and 'enough'. So a Pagoda Tower with 9 levels is the best to have. However, '8' means 'knowledge' - hence a Pagoda with 8 levels is also equally good to have.

The Tower is supposed to bring with it towering brilliance, that with care, can be translated to rewarding success in exams and desirable careers. The Education Tower can be activated further, by placing an Icon of Quan Yin adjacent to it, to bring in high powered energy and motivation for exam results, academic pursuits, teaching careers, long term researches & mental peace. Position it in your Fu Wei or North East of your study room.

The best place to keep the education tower is the North East corner of the child's bedroom. The education tower is consideration to have yin energy, and so as to make it effective, it should be balanced by yang energy in the room, having red colour present in the room. The yang effect of the red colour helps to awaken the chi of the education tower.