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Four Kings

The Four Heavenly Kings, are the remarkable beings that protect the four corners of the World. In China, they are popularly known as the Great Dharma Protectors, seen in shrines. In Feng Shui, they are Destroyers of Evil. They each carry a distinctive magical weapon that represents the source of their supernatural powers. Two of the Heavenly Kings have friendly faces and fair colored complexion. The other two show a more ferocious and darker appearance. This represents that the goodness in this world must be taught and implemented both through gentle and authoritative means.

Heavenly King of the North is Mo Li Shou. He has a fierce and dark looking appearance. Resting around his shoulders and arms is a magic dragon with no claws. He has the ability to call upon swiftness of the wind and tides, control the climate and master the forces of the seasons. Heavenly King of the South is Mo Li Hung. He is seen holding an umbrella, when elevated, darkness envelopes the earth and the violent storm of thunder commences.

When the magical umbrella is reversed, it can call upon earthquakes and tidal waves that can completely demolish all evil. Heavenly King of the East is Mo Li Chung. He governs the Eastern part of the Earth with his magical black sword that is described as having the power to cut through all evil and pierce through the bodies of evil demons instantly disintegrating their flesh. Heavenly King of the West is Mo Li Hai. He carries with him a magical mandolin somewhat like a four string guitar called the Pi-Pa. This magical instrument is described as having the power to conjure a rain of fire and a wave of flames to destroy those who have done evil to others.

The Four Heavenly Kings may be placed at the entrance of your home for protection from evil. Or they may be placed respectively in the North, South, East and West of your office or study room for personal protection.