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To be placed in the south with galloping horse in the canter to invite fame & recognition into your life. Also for single people looking for a partner. The horse is a majestic animal and it signfies nobility. It is yang in naturr. In symbolic Feng Shui it is used as one of the best methods to bring victory luck. A tribute horse is shown as a white horse laden with gift. You can put up a painting or picture of a tribute horse, but the colour of the horse should be white. In the picture, the horse should be shown as being led be an official and not mounted.

The Chinese always associate the Horse with gifts given to Emperors and other powerful court officials. From the times of the Sung Emperors through to the Imperial rulers of the Qing dynasty, the Horse has been associated with gifts brought by the vanquished to the victors.

The impetuous, fiery Horse is the seventh animal of the Chinese Zodiac. This Yang creature embodies noble characteristics such as strength, perseverance and speed, as well as loyalty and elegance. The handsome figurine of a Horse running upwards symbolizes a speedy and steady ascent to fame and success.

If you are involved in a competitive situation, in your job or in business, display the Horse coming into your home or office. This is one of the best ways to bring Victory Luck using Feng Shui.
For those who wish to have their talents and hard work acknowledged by the right people, place this horse in the South corner of your home. The horse also symbolizes endurance, loyalty and purity. It also symbolizes courage, resilience, fame and recognition. The white horse or horses bring(s) the attainment of high rank, recognition and a life of comfort and riches.

It's the considered opinion of many that the Horse Statuette is ideal for those who are in marketing and travel line. And of course for all of those globe trotters.
Icons or photos having 3 or 5 or 8 running or climbing horses are considered the luckiest.

Statues or Scrolls of Horse(s) should be placed in the South of Office/Living Room. Can also be placed in Sheng Qi. Avoid placement in bedrooms.

It is not advisable to display a horse that is raring up especially if it is directly behind you or directlu in front of you. This can lead to accidents involving damage to your limbs. Display the white tribute horse is very auspicious as it symbolizes upward mobility and promotion. The best location ot place the horse is the living room and in the South corner. Do not display the horse in any of the bedrooms. Similary in an office you can place the horse in the South sector.