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The calabash is also known as the Ho Lu. It is a very powerful symbol of good fortune as well as longevity. The Calabash is shaped like a bottle gourd. It Calabash is shaped like abottle gourd. It symbolizes the union of Heaven and earth in miniature. The upper half is the heaven and the lower half is the earth. In fact, wealth vaes are also shaped like the Calabash.

You can diaplay the real dried gourd in and around your home, which shows that your house is being blessed. The model of a Ho Lu can also be used but it should be made in brass only. It is mainly a cure for health realted problems caused by Flying Star afflictions. The Ho Lu should be placed near the bed of the sick person. Even the God of Logevity is shown to carry a staff with a bottle gourd containing the elixir of immortality hanging at its one end. The Ho Lu / Calabash is an excellent way to remove/ reduce the effects of the sickness star numeral '2' in Flying Star Feng Shui. It is also used in pairs generally. The Ho Lu should certainly be kept in your bedrrom during the years when the Annual Flying Star '2' is in your bedroom location.

The Sacred Gourd or Wou Lou or Kalabash is regarded universally by Feng Shui Masters as the Symbol of Good Health & longevity. Inside, the Wou Lou is believed to hold the Elixir of Health and Vitality. In Chinese Mythology, the Wou Lou is often seen associated with the God of Longevity (Sau Sing) and Ti Kuai Li, one of the Eight Immortals.

In ancient times, Emperors, Kings and paupers alike spent the twilight years of their lives looking for an Enriched Prosperity Wou Lou. Said to hold the Elixir of Eternal Youth, there can be no greater prize than this. The miraculous Nectar of Life it was supposed to have held would also transform even the poorest of people into an Emperor. For this reason alone, many believed it was dropped by one of the Gods as they were traversing the Heavens. The Sacred Gourd may be placed in rooms of those who are ill, to Assist them in speeding up their recovery. Or they may be hung above the dining hall to bless the family food with good healthy chi. Or above your headboard while sleeping. All in their own Tian Yi direction.