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Laughing Buddha

laughing buddhaThe Laughing Buddha is regarded as one of the gods of wealth. it brings prosperity, success and financial gains in the house. The location of placing the laughing Buddha is important. it has to sit at some 30" approximate height and should be facing directly the main door. The energy that enters the house from the main door in greeted by the laughing Buddha and the energy is activated, turns highly prosperous. He, being a cheerful, contented Buddhist Monk, is a wonderful little Icon where just the appearance can have the ability to cheer anyone up from a bad day. His largely exposed, pot-belly stomach protrudes in front of him as he continues to laugh through never ending time. This familiar looking statue can be found just about anywhere in the world, and maybe better known as the Laughing Buddha.

The large, fat belly is a symbol of happiness, luck, generosity and child-like innocent contended joy. A legend has it that if a person is to rub his belly, it brings forth wealth, good luck, and prosperity. He most certainly is a loving and cheerful character. Known as the Happy Man, or he who smiles at fate, the Hotei is one of the traditional Chinese and Japanese Deities of good fortune, a wonderful representation of life-fulfilment. With a great belly, symbolic of his benevolent nature, Hotei is surrounded by wealth and riches which he bestows on his followers.

laughing buddha Worshipped as the deity of prosperity and abundance, the image of the Hotei evokes feelings of happiness and well-being. He brings a large bag to take away your problems and turns them into happiness. The Blessing Buddha is usually shown having large, elongated ear lobes and a bump at the third eye, which are signs of wisdom and enlightment. Place the Laughing Buddha at your work desk to take away work pressure and assist you towards fulfilling your goals. Known also as Money Buddha/Maithreya, this adorable wealth symbol comes in many shapes, sizes and models with many accessories -

Gold Ingot : Universal Currency of Wealth, in Abundance.
Hump Bag
: Full of Untold Riches and Enviable Contents.
: Life Giving Tree, symbolic of New Ventures, New Jobs, New Borns, New Buys (of land, building, etc.).
Wou Lou
: Sacred Gourd or Kalabash, having Nectar of Life for sustained Health & Longevity.
: For Fertility and Happiness to existing Children. Prayer Beads : Mental Peace to everybody of the Family.
: The Magical Instrument which grants Wishes.
Hand Fan
: Fans away evil thoughts, also indicative of a Relaxed Life.
Coins String
: For Cash Flow. Umbrella : For being Comfortable in the Evening of Life.
Wealth Pot
: Symbolic of Family Fortune, containing Money, Gems & Jewellery.
Peach Fruits
: Bring Tranquil Prosperity, desired Health, Long Life & Marriage Luck.

Happy Man Over Money Frog : There are several specialized models too, where he appears in combination with others : Laughing Buddha riding the 3 Legged Frog ! The Money Frog brings Prosperity and Wealth to its owner. With the Happy Man guiding it with an Endless Coin String & a Gold Ingot (meaning Jewels for the Family), you can be sure that piping times of prosperity has come to you, riding with this hard-to-see Duo !

Happy Man with Dragon : Another excellent version is the Happy Man and in his friendly embrace, the Majestic Dragon, the ultimate authority for auspicious results, strong determination, fiery protection & the wisdom of the ages. The God of Good Luck will bring prosperity, harmony and fulfilment to your house hold. The Celestial Dragon will not only sustain and protect the contents, but will also nurture and expand on it, translating it into plentiful abundance and safeguarding it for the coming generations.

Happy Man over Dragon Head Turtle : Another great model is the charming Laughing Buddha at his best - majestically riding a Dragon Head Turtle, which also rides over a crest of waves ! Dragon Head Turtle is part Dragon & part Turtle, both of them being Celestial Animals. The Dragon part brings Career & Business Luck, Wealth, Protection & Powerful personalities flocking around it, the Turtle part brings towering Strength to shoulder responsibilities, sustained Health & Long Life, symbolically Blue for Health (to Family & Employees), Red for Relationship Luck (Amenability & Co-Ordination between Family & Employees) & Yellow Gold for Prosperity (for everybody concerned). It also brings the much desired Descendant Luck to produce Filial Descendants. With the Happy Buddha riding and wisely guiding (with a Hump Bag full of riches and Ingot - meaning more money and gold to your treasure chest) the DHT, you can be sure that Abundance adorns you with Health, Wealth & Happiness. A sure fire way for your Business & Family's Rise to the Social Throne !

Balancing Buddha : The Balancing Laughing Buddha has in one hand a huge Coin and in another hand, a big Wou Lou. It demonstrates one of Life's hard-learned truth that merely accumulating wealth won't get you health and alternatively being healthy won't bring you money. And if you keep this model of Happy Man, then it balances and provides you with exact amount of both Health & Wealth that is needed for you, to lead an ideal life. Plus, the Balance he uses is the magical Wish Granter, the Ru-Yi itself !

Business Buddha : The Business Buddha looks similar to the Balancing Buddha in the aspect that it balances with a Ru- Yi, a big Coin in one hand and a pile of Gold Ingots in another hand. Here, the Gold Ingots literally mean stocks and assets and the Coin means liquid cash flow. This translates to the fact that the Business Buddha bestows on you a business acumen which, with the help of the Balancing Ru-Yi, you can maintain the optimal level of cash flow that is needed to successfully run a business and intelligently invest the balance in stocks and assets, without cutting into the rotation money. Very ideal model for business people.

Fertility Buddha : This Happy Buddha is surrounded by children, most often by either 5 or 3 children. This popular model is a Fertility Symbol and successfully used by couples trying for a child. It also brings happiness to the existing children of the household.

Marriage Luck Buddha : Some models of Happy Man feature the Tree-Of-Life with Peach Fruits. Peach Fruits bring Marriage Luck, apart from Prosperity.

Egg Buddha : In this model, Money Buddha is seen inside a prominently displayed egg. Egg signifies the auspicious beginning and the potential of full growth. This one is ideal for new ventures, as it would ensure correct, steady and full growth of the business.

Bridge Buddha : This manifestation of Buddha features a Bridge with a peacefully smiling Buddha walking over it towards you, with the Money Bag ! It signifies that owning this precious article will help you to cross over the river of hurdles and obstacles in your path to earning wealth and success.

Ingot Buddha : Here the Laughing Buddha sits over an over-sized Gold Ingot in a relaxed pose. This implies a comfortable and relaxed life with Abundant Wealth. Also, if the two sides of the Gold Ingot display Dragon & Phoenix respectively, then it denotes Happy Marriages/Happy Married Life.

Blessing Buddha : This boon-granting posture of Happy Man ensures you of all your wishes coming true. Significantly present is the large-sized Bag of Riches.

Traveller Buddha : The most popular of all Laughing Buddha models, the Traveller Buddha has the maximum numbers of accessories - Money Bag, String of Coins, Tree-Of-Life, Wou Lou, Prayer Beads, Ru-Yi and Umbrella. This indicates Wealth, Money Flow, New Ventures, New Assetts, Health & Longevity, Mental Peace, Granting of your Wishes and a Relaxed and Comfortable Life to the end.

Target Buddha : This is a rare one indeed ! This incarnation of Laughing Buddha stands with a Money Bag and a concentrated look at the horizon. For those of you who need a little help in achieving their Targets or Ambitions, this is the right enhancer.

Direction : Sheng Qi or adjacently opposite to the Entrance, on the inside.