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Wealth Vase

A wealth vase is considered to ensure the prservation and coutinuing growth of the family's wealth. A wealth vase can bemade of porcelain china or nay pottery that you may like. The shape of the vase should be such that it has a wide mouth, a narrow meck a fat body ad stable flat base. If possible, the vase should have auspicious symbols like thedragon and the phoenix painted on it. Fill up the vase up tothe brim with the following objects and keep it hidden from general view.

A personal Wealth Vase is one filled with precious items, and is an excellent way to attract wealth luck to its owner. You can either buy a readily available Wealth Vase or can build your own to suit your own taste. First of all, you should get a suitably beautiful and valuable vase to contain your precious items. You may use a container made of the earth or the metal element. Earth element vases can be made of porcelain, crystal or earthenware, while metal element vases can be made of copper, brass, silver or gold. Of course, the more expensive the material, the more auspicious the vase. The vase can be as big or as small as you desire. The bigger, the better.

The first thing to put in your new Wealth Vase is three, six, nine Chinese Coins or its multiples, tied with red string. That's for money luck. Next, you may put one or more Gold Ingot or Nugget inside - for Gold Income. Then you can start adding Wish Stones or Five Element Stones - Howlite for Metal, Yellow Agate for Earth, Jasper for Fire, Aventurine for Wood and Sodalite for Water are mixed together to bring a perfect harmony and balance to the surrounding five elements. Then comes the most interesting part : place a Wish Stone on your left palm and close it with your right palm and make a Wish after praying - then put it inside the Vase.

You may add any number of Wish Stones; all with same Wishes or with different ones. Finally, you can fill half of the vase with all types of semi-precious stone chips. After that, if you can get it, put a bit of soil from a rich person's garden (but you should use your wits to ask for it, as soil given to you is very lucky) into your vase to 'borrow' some of their wealth energy. You may also put a red package filled with real money in the vase.

Your personal Wealth Vase must be kept hidden away from the eyes of outsiders, preferably inside a cupboard in your bedroom or in your safety draw or in your Sheng Qi or South East.