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Dragon Lion

Dragon Lions are legendary Guardians, rivalling Dragons in tenacity. They are prominently used as Ultimate Guardians, to guard temples, offices and homes. Legends say that these part-Dragons and part-Lions will keep the occupants of the building safe from any harm, spiritual m otherwise. They are a symbol of valour and energy. Their job is to sense the intentions of those who approach them, and allow only those with good will and kind thoughts to be able to function within their territory.

Dragon Lions come in very many shapes and models, with minor variations. Some of the popular names are Foo Dogs, Chi Lins, Pi-Yao, Pik-Chens, Kei-Loons, Chimeras, Kirins, Pixies, Qirins, etc. They are also called as the Chinese Unicorns. All are potent in warding off Sha Chi, the killing force and prevent evil influences from entering your place. Most of these models are featured in the next page.

A special form of Dragon Lion is Pi-Yao that is considered as an infinite creature. This avatar of Dragon Lion majestically sits over a pile of coins and is said to have a voracious appetite for wealth. Once you own a Pi-Yao and it accepts you as its master, you are said to develop a capability to win and possess anything that your hearts sets upon. This is also considered to bring you the Gambling Luck like Lottery Luck, Contest Luck, etc.

An ideal Feng Shui Enhancer for all types of Careers, they not only protect the existing Job, but also improve upon it.
If you have moved into your new house or had renovations done and are suddenly experiencing bad luck, you should display Dragon Lions in your home. The great God Jupiter has been offended and the Dragon Lion is said to have the power to assist those suffering for this unknowing slight.

The Dragon Lions should always be kept in pairs, never in single. They should face the main door from the inside of the house, to scan everything that comes in. For Career enhancement, place them on top of your work table or in your Sheng Chi direction. Ideal remedy for the Grand Duke Jupiter in the Flying Stars Fengshui.