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In Feng Shui, a simple and effective way to activate Money Luck is to use three, six or nine (or their multiples) Chinese Coins, tied with a Red Ribbon. 3 represents the trinity of heaven, earth and mankind luck; 6 chinese coinsrepresents luck from heaven; and 9 is the magic number representing the wholeness of the universe. These can be kept in Cash Draws, Cash Registers, Money Purses, Wallets, Hand Bags, etc. to symbolize an inexhaustible source of income.

The antique Chinese Coins are round, with a square hole in the middle. The square shape of the hole in the centre symbolizes Earth energy, while the circular shape of the coin itself represents the Chi of Heaven. This auspicious combination of heaven and earth brings forth the money luck. When tied with red thread, ribbon or string, these coins are energized with the Yang energy afforded by the colour red, thus transforming them into potent money magnets. The real antique coins, if you can get them, would be really good. But if you cannot find genuine old coins, don't worry, as the power of the coins comes not from their age, but from their shapes and meanings.

To increase your business, stick three of the coins tied with red thread on to all your important files, invoice books and order books, cheque books, in your cash boxes and safes, inside your pocket-book and any folder or item to do with your income. You may even stick this potent wealth attractor on to your telephones, fax machines and computers to attract opportunities through these avenues! Please note that when you stick coins on your files, fax machines, cash register, etc., the yang side must always be up for it to be effective. The side with the four Chinese characters is yang, and the other side with the two characters is yin.

If you're an employee, and all this doesn't apply to you, just tape three coins tied with red thread onto your worktable or desk to energize your money luck.

Wealth - Gathering C
Wealth - Gathering Coin with Red Tassel
INR:99   USD:1.20

wealth coins
Wealth Coins in Red String and Red Velvet Pouch
INR:399   USD:4.83


On the outside doorknob of your office/shop/home's main door, hang a set of 3, 6 or 9 bells; this attracts good fortune chi to enter your office. Hang 3, 6 or 9 coins or more (tied with red string) on the inside doorknob of your office/shop/home's main door. The sound of bells symbolically 'announces' imminent prosperity and good news. The coins convert the incoming auspicious chi into money energy. This 'coins and bells' tip is particularly effective for companies or establishments engaged in the trading, wholesale or retail business.


In ancient China, The Emperor Sword of Protection was fashioned from Chinese coins and was traditionally hung over the head of the bed to protect the reigning Monarch from evil forces and prevent damage to the mind and any head disorders.

The Coin Sword can be hung in rooms where people have suffered great unhappiness or lost their little all. Or by people who are recovering from an illness - mental, physical or spiritual. They can also be hung over the cots of newborn babies to guard them in their most vulnerable years. The Coin Sword is believed to attract huge wealth - for example, a Ten Coin Sword is supposed to be as powerful in wealth as Ten Emperors.

Feng Shui Masters have successfully demonstrated that the Emperor Sword of Coins can, apart from warding off evil influences & enriching the existing wealth luck, also be effectively used to cut through one's financial difficulties by assisting it's owner in recovery of old loans, long due out standings, effectively countering law suits, etc. Hang it 3 feet inside of the main entrance from the ceiling. Can also be hung in Sheng Chi direction.