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Quan Yin

Quan Yin or Kuan Lin or Lu Yin Wo is also known as the Female Buddha. The Deity of Mercy and Compassion, she blesses all. She is also the Authority for Knowledge. She is mostly depicted as sitting on her Celestial Throne of Knowledge, appearing to be in deep thought.

Quan Yin is also the Eternal Protector of all children. By placing Quan Yin within a room it is said to help calm the environment of negative influences such as disappointment and arguments. Also, she is believed to bring in enduring mental peace and maturity in thinking, to all those in the household. She can be placed in the North West or Family Head's Nien Yin direction for good results.

Feng Shui Masters advise placing a Quan Yin Icon along with an Education Tower, for better results. It is strongly believed that her very presence will energise the Education Tower, increasing it's effectiveness multifold.

Such a gentle and peaceful countenance, seated with her urn of nectar. Very nice detail, lovely expression. Measures 4" high.She is ready to bless your home. This is a wonderful little statue of Kwan Yin meditating. It is made of a resin that glows-in-the-dark.