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Dragon Boat

The Dragon of fortune is easily recognizable by its kind and compassionate countenance - it always has a big smile- lo at that grin! This golden dragon is believed to bring both luck and fame as he coils and moves through your life. His friendly nature brings a feeling of ease to the room and is well suited for almost anywhere in the house or office.

The Dragon Boat is sailed by the Eight Immortals. The Eight Immortals were originally sent down from the Heavens to assist people in their time of need. Each Immortal is gifted with unique and special abilities. They possess the power to help people achieve their ambitions and then re-enter Heaven. The Japanese version of Dragon Boat has 7 Immortals and is considered to be equally powerful. As legend has it, they guide you to your ambitions and goals. With their support and backing, it is said that you are almost guaranteed of success.

The 8 Immortals are : Li Tiegual (Medicine Man with Wou Lou Gourd), Zhongli Quan (Heavenly Messenger with Magical Leather Fan), Zhang Guo (Magician with Donkey), Lu Dongbin (Devil-Slayer with Mystic Sabre), He Xiangu (Lady with Lotus Bloom/Peach of Immortality), Lan Caihe (Musician & Incarnation of Deity), Han Xiangzi (Seer-Poet with a Magical Basket of flowers) and Cao Guojiu (with Tablet Weapon). Place the Dragon Boat In your Sheng Qi or North West, sailing into home/office.

The East is the place traditionally associated with the dragon and so placing a dragon image in the East alawys represents excellent feng shui. Buy a dragon image and display it on a table or cabinet or the East side of your office or your study. It can be made or ceramic, crystal , or wood. Also, never place the dragon inside the bedroom. It is too yang a creature to symbolize inside the bedroom which should be maintained as a restful place. Hang a picture of a dragon along the East wall of your office.

In china, a merchant ship filled with gold coins and ingots was a very popular and widely used symbol for business success. The shape of a model ship is like that of a dragon withmerchants or traders sittings in it. and is filled cargo and gold ingots. This is a very auspicious symbol. You can place such a ship in your office or home. The ship should be placed in such a manner that it is sailing into the harbour. Here the harbour means your home or office. The merchant ship is very good energizer for bringing in wealth. The chinese people display this ship in order to achieve higher imcome and more business. But be careful while placing the ship, it should not be sailing outwards, since that would symbolize money going away rather than coming in!