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One of the twelve Chinese Zodiac Animals, the Rooster is blessed with courage and resourcefulness; full of self assurance & confidence. The Rooster makes a survivor out of you, infusing into you a strong sense of purpose, and not easily influenced by others. It lends you self-confidence & makes you first popular with friends; fills you full of vitality & catapults you to a team leader !

For those of you who are enmeshed in Office Politics, a Rooster at Work Table pecks away the back-stabbers, troublemakers & rumour-mongers ! It is also believed that the Rooster can ward off evil from supernatural causes as it is directly linked to light, brightness & dawn. Placement : Sheng Qi or North West.

It has been effectively used for maintaining Fidelity at Home, by placing in South West or Nien Yin of Bedroom. Petty office politics is common in most workplaces. The best way to counter such negative and counterproductive energy is to display the figurine of a Rooster in the office. This will quell arguments, backstabbing and politicking.