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Wish Cow

The cow is considered as a holy animal in India and Nepal. People here worship the cow and this animal holds a special place in the heart of people. In Feng Shui the wish fulfilling cow is symbolic of good descendants luck. Very few people actually know the true signficance of the cow. In fact, Buddhism teaches us that the cow has the power to transform our wishes into reality if we treat it with kindness, and also if we do not eat beef .

Regarded as the most sacred animal both in India and China, the Wish-fulfilling Cow is an emblem of good harvest, rewards for hard work, giver of the most nourishing milk on earth. Simply put, the very picture of Motherliness itself ! In Fengshui, the Sacred Cow mulling over a pile of coins and ingots, ushers in an era of peace, relaxation and a rewarding pile of wealth for its keeper ! It also grants your Wishes ! Place it on your worktable, in your Sheng Chi or South East for good results.

In an office to enhance good fortune you can display the cow sitting on a bed of coins and ingots anywhere on you desk. At home you can display the wish granting cow in the South East sector of your house. This can be very lucky since South East is the general sector which is asociated with wealth. You can eve hand a painting of a cow in the South East sector to energise wealth luck.

As the name suggests the wish granting cow is symbolic of a person's wishes being fulfilled. It should only be used by people who do not consume beef .