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Three Generation Turtle

three generation turtleThe three Tortoises on each other's back, is popularly known as the Three Generation Turtles. They signify solid Family Harmony and bring about amenability and unity among family members, upto three generations. In these troublesome days, most suitable for both small and large families. For best results, keep it in East or in your Nien Yin direction.

THREE GENERATION DRAGON HEAD TURTLES This is a specialised version, combining the aspects of both, the Dragon Head Turtle and 3 Generation Turtles, resulting in an awesome Feng Shui Enhancer. The results : Career Luck, Prosperity, Health and Longevity, Relationship Luck, Descendant Luck, Strength and Support, Auspicious Beginnings plus Family Harmony ! Place this in your Sheng Qi or in Nien Yin direction, for good results.