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Dragon Head Turtle

The mighty Dragon Head Turtle, Lo Shu is believed to bring in the eight heavenly blessings. It brings with it the ancient secrets that can protect one from negative energies.Dragon head turtle

Dragon Tortoise is a splendid animal, having the head of a Dragon and the body of the turtle, with a baby turtle on its back (for good 'decendants luck'), and a special coin in its mouth (for financial prosperity). AND for good measure, it is sitting upon a large pile of coins and ingots(huge prosperity and financial wealth). The dragon is a luck animal which brings the chi of success, courage and determination. Combine it with the longevity of the tortoise and you have just the thing to keep at your office for steady and longlived success.

In Chinese Mythology, the Celestial Turtle supports the world, its four feet being the four corners of the Earth. The Turtle represents steady health, longevity, strength and indestructibility and is said to live for 10,000 years. It symbolizes immutability and can be used as a talisman for stability.

The Dragon Head Turtle with a Child Turtle on its back, is a children's symbol and represents longevity, fortitude, resilience along with filial descendants (illustrious offspring) and career luck.

The Dragon Head Turtle with Blue Ribbon in its open mouth brings Good Health. The Dragon Head Turtle with Red Ribbon in its open mouth brings Happy Relationship Luck. The Dragon Head Turtle with Gold Ribbon in its open mouth brings Wealth. The Coin in the Dragon Head Turtle's open mouth denotes Prosperity. So does the Pile of Coins and Ingots over which the Dragon Head Turtle rests.

The Dragon Head Turtle comes in four different models. The second one is the I-Ching Turtle. This has 2 strings of coins on its back and is supposed to bring you a continuous flow of money.

The third model is the Ingot Turtle. This has an Ingot on it's back and signifies accumulation of Family Jewels & Assets.

The fourth model is the Ru Yi Turtle. This carries a Ru Yi on it's backside. Ru Yi is a magical instrument that grants Wishes. It Is also the Sceptre of Authority, Power & Influence.

For businessmen, Feng Shui Practitioners recommend paired combinations of these four models of Dragon Head Turtles.
The first pair has the Harmony Turtle and the Ingot Turtle. This combination results in Prosperity, Health, Longevity, Strength, Relationship Luck, Career Luck, Descendant Luck and Wealth Luck to accumulate Assets.

The second pair has the I-Ching Turtle and the Ru Yi Turtle. This combination results in Strength, Cash Flow, Career Luck, Absolute Power and Control over Business, Influence and Recognition in Society and in general all your Wishes coming true. Both of these combinations are excellent Enhancers for all those who are deeply involved in businesses of all kinds.

For Career Enhancement keep it in North and for Prosperity keep it in South East. For best results, keep it in your personal Sheng Chi direction. The East is the place traditionally associated with the dragon and so placing a dragon image in the East always represents excellent feng shui. Buy a dragon image and display it on a table or cabinet or the East side of your office or your study. It can be made or ceramic, crystal , or wood. Also, never place the dragon inside the bedroom. It is too yang a creature to symbolize inside the bedroom which should be maintained as a restful place. Hang a picture of a dragon along the East wall of your office.